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How to Combine Signage with a Security System to Keep Your Family Safer

How to Combine Signage with a Security System to Keep Your Family Safer

We all want our family to be as safe as possible. So, today, I thought I would take a look at how you can use signage to help you with this.

Reduce the chances of scammers targeting your family

If you do not like sales people ringing your doorbell you can use no solicitation signs to keep most of them away. In many US cities, if someone ignores this type of sign they will be breaking the law. Most hawkers, solicitors and scammers know this. So, often, the sign is enough to keep them away. A lot of scammers still operate by going door to door looking for people they can overcharge for work that they do around the home. Usually, this type of scammer will also avoid homes that have no solicitation signs.

Flag up hazards using signage

All homes have hazards. Sadly, every year, around 18,000 Americans die after having accidents in the home.

So, to keep your family safe you need to be aware of hazards like low doorways and slippery surfaces and do everything you can to mitigate the risk. A well-placed mind your head sign can stop someone from sustaining a nasty head injury. Putting up a slippery surface or no running sign near the pool area can help to prevent slip and fall injuries.

Warn people you have a dog

If you have a dog, it is wise to warn people of that. Doing so reduces the risk of issues occurring when someone visits your home. If they are scared of dogs, they can wait at the gate and call out. You can then put your dog in the house before they enter your property.

A beware of the dog sign is also a good way to deter would-be thieves. When a group of 86 convicted burglars were interviewed, in an American study, many of stated that the presence of a dog was enough to put them off.

Put up security cameras

They also said that security cameras were a deterrent. If you have the budget to do so, put up enough to cover the whole of your property. It is best to buy the type of cameras that can be controlled and viewed remotely using your Smartphone.

Installing this type of home security system opens up the opportunity for you to keep an eye on your pets and the kids, when you are not at home. If you choose cameras that have a speaker and microphone incorporated into them, you will also be able to hear what is going on and intercede when necessary.

Install proper lighting

Good lighting also puts would be vandals and home invaders off. In most places, motion sensor lighting is the best option. Install this type of lighting unit over each doorway, so that you can see what you are doing when arriving home in the dark. If you have to walk up a driveway, find a way to light that too. This will reduce the risk of your tripping and alert you if someone walks up your driveway, after dark.


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