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How to Clean a Pool Cartridge Filter System?

I amgoing to cover a comprehensive DIY method of cleaning a pool cartridge filter.Because you know if you have a cartridge system in your pool, you will need toclean it from time to time.

What is a Pool Cartridge Filter?

            There are many ways to clean apool cartridge. So, do check on this review for more information. But firstly,what is a pool cartridge filter? Usual pools have a sand filter. But you canalso have a filter set up near the pumps to make sure contaminations don’tenter your pool.

            So, you will be required tochange that filter from time to time. That way you can ensure your water isfree of contamination entirely. Check on here to get full informationabout different types of pool cleaners.

Why Use a Pool Cartridge Filter?

            Because simply it is easier to clean. Usual pools with sand filters need you to backwash them a couple of times a month. The frequency depends on how often you sue the pool. But, a cartridge filter ensures that you clean it four times a year. Then again, that too also depends where you live and how heavily your pool is used.

            Moreover, when you invest in a sand filter, you have to spend much higher on your energy costs. How? Firstly, a sand filter increases your system pressure and pump pressure. With a cartridge filter, you are saving on energy costs significantly.

            A sand filter can be very volatile on your pool pump. Meaning, you would be spending much more on pool maintenance should your pool pump go kaput. But, with a cartridge filter, your pool pump won’t be seeing much friction.

            And, if you have an above ground pool, then a sand filter would not work for you anyway. Having a cartridge filter would be ideal for you then. Also, the number of backwashes you would have to do for your sand filter, your water balance would be thrown off.

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         San filters give you 10-20 microns as it lowers the ability of your pool. But, your cartridge filter will have a good 20-40 microns. So, if your pool is more than 1.5 HP, I would suggest you use a cartridge filter for your pool.

How to Clean a Pool Cartridge Filter?      
            Now that you will be cleaning the cartridge filter fewer times than a sand filter. But, the process needs you to follow a few steps.

            · Shut off the system, the pump and the power line to be on the safe side.

            ·Turn the air valve located on top of your filter to get out all the air out of it.

            ·Different cartridge filter has different clamps. So, make sure you take them off before you start.

            · Once you are done with that, remove the top of the filter and expose the dirt inside.

            · Now you need to take off all the stuff inside the filter. But, while doing that remember where they were placed. So, you can out them back again.

            · Check for all damages if any. If there are damages or tears, you need to replace the filter altogether.

            · Use a degreaser, coat all the elements well. You can decide what needs to be soaked overnight. But, they need to be cleaned thoroughly.

            · Rinse gently with a hose while you wash all elements.

            · Now, that you have cleaned all the elements. Wait to dry them out.

            · Then place all of the elements accurately when you were dismantling them in the first place.

            · While your filter is divided apart, you need to check the O-Ring. If you see any damage, you need to replace that too before setting your filter up again.

            · If your O-Ring is damage free, consider applying a silicon liquid on it.

            · Now, you put the filter back on tightening up all the elements, so they remain in place.

            · Now, that you have put the filter back on, keep all air valves open to release any excess air inside.

            · If your PSI pressure is low; then you will have to resettle all the elements again as it may be because you put them back on inaccurately. So, check the system pressure lastly.

            So, here was my steps in howto clean a pool cartridge filter system. Do check out this review and leaveyour comments below, if you have any other DIY methods in cleaning your poolfilter.


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