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How to Choose Wine for Your Birthday Party

It doesn’t matter whether the party is big or small, as longas you all have a great time together. And what better cause to throw a party,have fun with friends and sip some delicious wine than celebrating yourbirthday? Not everything has to be perfect when you’re organizing a birthdayparty, but one thing can and should be – your choice of wine. In the end, everyparty gets a solid boost when good wine is present, so don’t miss theopportunity to spice things up. But what wine to choose?

Who’s coming?

The first thing you need to consider when looking for thewine to buy is who is going to drink it. What kind of wine drinkers are yourguests? If it’s a small group of people you’ll probably be able to satisfytheir taste easily. But if there’s a bit larger gathering about to occur, lookat the big picture as well. If you know that the majority of your guests areperfectly content with crowd-pleasers, you really don’t have to go the extramile in order to get the finest wines for the most intricate palates. There areplenty of amazing choices in this case as well. For starters, Muscadet isdelicious yet no-fuss white wine that’s equally popular in France and the restof the world. As we all know, theFrench know their wines so you can’t go wrong with this choice. Moreover, aselection of reds is also in order, and, in that respect, Beaujolais-Villages,also from France, can make this party come to life pretty quickly. Thanks tothe rich wine drinking culture, you can always count on French wines to livenup the party.

Keep your budget in mind

It’s obvious that wines can get really expensive, which iswhy the next factor you need to consider is precisely your budget. Obviously,if the party is going to be smaller, with just a selected few friends that youknow are true wine enthusiasts like yourself, feel free to splurge a littlebit. However, if the number of guests is going to include twenty or morepeople, be aware that the exquisiteness of wine is probably going to getoverlooked. In the latter case, you should definitely opt for a variety ofwines. Aside from classics, such as New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc and America’sPinot Noir red, inspire the crowd with a mix of rose, sangria and vermouth aswell. This may be the perfect situation to look up to the Australian winedrinking culture. As an important part of the party scene, you can now orderwine online. Just take a look at the fine SouthCoast Winery offers for example, and you can quickly and easily get yourhands on the mix of quality wines as well as estimate the price in advance.

Mix the flavors

Wine should never be served alone. This is another thingthat you can learn from both French and the Aussies. In order for everyone toenjoy the wine to the fullest, you should consider the best pairings as well.For example, cheese, fruit, nuts and even pickled veggies can add to theamazing taste of already delicious wine – and keep the guests happy. Forexample, if you’re thinking of pairing the wine with cheese, you should know thatChevre goes best with the mentioned Pinot Noir, but Champagne, Chardonnay andRiesling, too. Parmesan goes great with Prosecco or Nebbiolo while Blue Cheeseis a match made in heaven with robust or sweet reds as well as Sauvignon Blancor Chardonnay. Of course, if you plan to go all out with some fine meals and appetizersfor your birthday party, definitely check the best wine pairings with food toenjoy the celebration to the fullest.

Be it a mid-range crowd-pleaser or a costly delish for an acquiredtaste, wine is the perfect companion for special occasions – both parties andsome quality “me” time. Therefore, take your time deciding and don’t behesitant to consult your guests if need be to be 100% confident in your choice.


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