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How to choose the best tuition service?

In today’s scenario of increasingly difficult exams, students find themselves inundated without a tuition center. Tuition has become a necessity nowadays, as self-study sometimes can be difficult for students. In order to aid our students into the right direction of learning, we must know how to select a good tuition service.


Finding a tuition centre can be really a painful task, in order of consideration of cost, teacher qualifications, experienced for how long. When you finally get your hands on a list of a few teachers, you can’t seem to decide whom to select or who would be the most beneficial to the student. This difficulty is what most parents face. It seems like there should be some sort of a checklist which we can tick away and which would help shortlist one or two tutors or a tuition center with good qualified and reputed professors who would be absolutely be the best option to go for.


  • Size of the class. The class size should be small, close and personal. The small size of the class will allow the tutor to understand his student’s strengths, weaknesses and method of approach. Small groups tend to give a one on one learning experience, where the tutor can impart creativity to the students and improvise concepts and cognition. Personal attention is advantageous for a Student’s intellectual development.
  • Testimonials. Nothing is more assuring than referrals from parents or students who already are benefitted from the center. Some centers do not have qualified teachers with proper data. It is wiser to do a first-hand research on the center you are going to enroll your child in, than wasting time and money by enrolling him to some center with no proper background or history.
  • Method of teaching. More than audio cognition, visual cognition is a better approach. Most of the centers employ visual and audio both to suit all kind of students, some who prefers to listen to a lecture and take his notes, and others who prefer to see it in action, using a photographic memory to understand and comprehend what follows what.
  • Parent-to-teacher discussion. A good tuition center will evaluate a student monthly and assess him on the basis of that. He would be able to understand where he’s lacking or where he may need extra practice. The assessment discussion is very necessary for a tutor to make it with the parents.
  • Child’s feedback. A tuition center may be great, but if it fails to meet your child’s requirement, then it’s pointless. Have a talk with the student after the tuition. A good tuition center will be well-versed to his students’ need.
  • Classroom management and disciplineis also an added point here.

This guide will help you choose a good tuition Singapore that would cater to your child’s academic requirements. Every student is different, and a well experience teacher knows if the student needs a strict method or a playful and friendly environment to learn in.

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