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How to Choose a Gift for Your BFF

Who doesn’t love getting gifts? We look forward to birthdays and holidays because we know there’ll be some wonderful gifts for us from people who love us, and the excitement doesn’t die as we age. Still, as much as we love getting gifts, so does the next person, and buying them is much more difficult than gracefully (and excitedly) accepting them. If you’re struggling to come up with the right gift for your best friend, don’t despair. We’ve put together a list of wonderful gifts to help you find something perfect for your BFF.

Pay attention to what she likes

You’ve probably gone shopping together a million times already, and you are fairly confident that you know her taste well enough. While you might be able to pick something she will like, why don’t you get her something she wants? When you’re out shopping, try to remember what she notices but doesn’t buy. It can be because she doesn’t have the money or that she plans on going back for it, but if you notice there’s something she particularly likes, you can always go back and get it for her. It will show her that you’re listening and that you’re thoughtful too. 

Give her “an experience”

Why would a gift have to be a “thing”? It’s easy to “give” an experience too, and much more rewarding. Instead of a small trinket, take your BFF to an amusement or a national park, or to the theatre to see a great show. Buy her tickets to see a movie she’s been talking about forever, take her snorkeling or surfing, drag her into a haunted house with you, or to an exotic restaurant so you can both try something new. 

Support her passion

In case your BFF is really passionate about something, it would be great to offer your support and encouragement. If she is fascinated with makeup, you can always buy her quality makeup and makeup remover products. Do a bit of research and try to find the best products for her – you get bonus points if you get her favorite brand too. While you will have to ask about her preferred lipstick color and shade, it’s easy to find and buy mascara online and have it delivered to her directly. In addition to buying great makeup, you should also get quality makeup removers so her skin can stay healthy. 

Take her to see her favorite band

A lot of people have bonded over music, and gigs and concerts hold a special role in their lives. Concert tickets to her favorite band will forever be a great gift idea because it shows you remember what she loves. Even if it’s not a favorite band, you can still get tickets to a concert of a band that marked your friendship or got her through a rough time (music is known to do that). Going to a concert together is a wonderful idea, but if you can’t make it, you can always give her two tickets and encourage her to take someone else – a boyfriend or a sibling. 

Get her something symbolic

Is there a person who doesn’t have a ton of silly inside jokes that they share with their BFF? It doesn’t matter if you both live singing wrong lyrics to a popular song, or you refer to each other as mermaids, princesses, or unicorns – these inside jokes are a gold mine for gift ideas. You could print a silly photo of the two of you and put it in a frame that has decorations referring to your inside jokes (a frame with mermaids and glitter all over). A small plush toy that’s a reference to your or her nickname is also a good idea, as is a keyring if you’re hoping to give her something she will use every day. 

Even though you’ve been best friends for a long time, it isn’t always easy to pick the best gift, and every now and then, you need some inspiration in order to make a decision. We hope that the gifts we listed here will help you find something that both you and your BFF will love and that it will solidify your beautiful friendship even further. 


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