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Holiday Gifts: Gifts Teen Girls will love Honestly Margo

What began as an experiment by 12-year-old Margo Gianos five years ago, has transformed into a fledgling business that is rapidly growing across the United States. Honestly Margo‘s first product was the Aromatherapy Balms that help to relieve stress, headaches or minor sinus aches. Now, in 2018, the business has seven different products to offer beauty consumers. Margo has help with business relations from her mother, Irene, who is co-owner and manager of Honestly Margo.

Created with a purpose to inspire young girls and women, while making them feel beautiful at the same time, Honestly Margo products are made with good for you ingredients that are paraben-free. Many of the products are comprised of four ingredients or less, which emphasizes the “good for you” aspect of the beauty line. Their newest product is the Roller Girls roll-on lip gloss that leaves a beautiful crystal clear finish, and shows off the natural tint of the lips with a bit of pop!

Roller Girl, Lip-Gloss

  • Crystal clear lip gloss offered in six natural flavors
  • Feel fun and fresh in the gloss that’s reminiscent of the 70s
  • Buy individually, or the set of all six flavors
  • Aromatherapy Balms

    • Serenity for headaches, stress or congestion; made with menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint
    • Clementine for energy; made with grapefruit and citrus
    • Aurora for sleep; made with lavender and rosemary
    • Rub under nose, on pressure points, forehead or lips!
    • Larger stick than regular balms
    • made with organic ingredients

Available at retailers or online at
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