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Holiday Gifts for Teachers: JOCO Cups



JOCO Cups (3)

With 2.5 billion paper and plastic coffee cups being thrown away each year, giving loved ones a convenient and sustainable JOCO cup to enjoy their daily surge of instant energy will surely move your name from the naughty to the nice list.

Each glass cup preserves the ideal taste and temperature of your hot beverages and comes in a 100% recyclable canister which can be reused for anything from storing office supplies to planting seedlings.

JOCO Cups (4)
JOCO Cups (5)

They’re perfect for every situation, including a busy, on-the-go workday, lazy Sunday afternoon spent at a café or a cozy end to a festive holiday party.

Each cup has a thermal silicone sleeve in a variety of trendy colors to make every tea and coffee lover on your list happy.

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  1. I’m getting myself one of these for Christmas! It’d be a great gift for my mom and sister too, thanks!!

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