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Holiday Gifts for Babies and Toddlers- VTech Toys

When it comes to your little ones, every day brings something new. Babies are constantly growing and changing, and VTech®’s Infant line has exciting, developmental toys to help your child play to learn and learn to grow, every step of the way!

From learning to get their move on with the Wiggle & Crawl Ball™ to exploring their very own Brilliant Baby Laptop™, VTech can help encourage fun and discovery with exciting sights and sounds. With interactive toys like the Care for Me Learning Carrier™ and the Gallop & Rock Learning Pony™, VTech’s offerings can even help spur your infant’s first love for animals.



VTech® Wiggle & Crawl Ball™ (6 months-3 years; $14.99) – Move and crawl with the animal friends on the Wiggle & Crawl Ball™ by VTech®. This interactive ball wiggles and wobbles on its own encouraging your little one to chase after it. Press the dog, cat and bear buttons to hone fine motor skills and learn about animals, colors and numbers through more than 45 playful songs, phrases and sounds. Five flashing lights attract your baby’s attention while spinning, twisting and sliding animals encourage interaction. Play and crawl with the moving ball!


VTech® Brilliant Baby Laptop™ (6 months-3 years; $19.99) – Explore and learn with the Brilliant Baby Laptop™ by VTech®. This travel-ready toy laptop features nine brightly colored shape buttons and a movable mouse that interact with the light-up screen. Choose animal mode to learn about animals and their sounds; shape mode to explore colors and shapes; or music mode to hear a variety of songs, melodies and short tunes. Close the laptop, and it’s ready for on-the-go fun with a chunky carrying handle. Learning fun is a click away!


VTech® Care for Me Learning Carrier™ (9 months-3 years; $24.99)- Care for Me Learning Carrier™ by VTech® is an interactive pet carrier that lets little ones take their plush pet anywhere! Put the plush puppy inside or take him out of the carrier and hear playful phrases when opening and closing the door. The activity panel on the side of the carrier is packed with learning fun! Press the light-up buttons to learn about colors, shapes, pet care and more. Sliding the letter beads introduce letters and play music. Sliding the window and spinning the roller add to the fun and encourage motor skills. The carrier also includes four pet care accessories so toddlers can groom, feed and play with the cuddly puppy. Take your plush pet everywhere!

Shelby is in love with the Learning Carrier! She even takes her puppy everywhere. She named the puppy Chloe and Chloe was in her preschool photos too.




VTech® Gallop & Rock Learning Pony™ (1-3 years; $39.99) – Hop in the saddle and go for a ride on the Gallop & Rock Learning Pony™ by VTech®. This interactive 2-in-1 pony grows with your child and quickly transforms from a rocking horse to a ride-on toy. Brightly colored buttons introduce colors, action words and play realistic horse sounds for imaginative play. The pony also features a motion sensor that detects your child’s movement and responds with cheerful music and horse sounds to encourage them to rock and ride!

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