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Holiday 2020: Wubble Fuzzy

The Wubble Fuzzy’s are the cutest! Hug ‘em, squish ‘em, toss ‘em, catch ‘em. Jigglers not only snuggle; they shake, wiggle and roll! My kids find them fun to use as a catch game outside. You can find hours of fun with these adorable little soft wubble fuzzy balls.

Meet super fuzzy, soft and cuddly Chloe the Kitty!  This adorable pink and blue plush pet is a lovable stuffed animal outside and a Wubble bubble ball filled with super squishy fun inside.  With sparkling pink ears and furry paws, Chloe is one of six Fuzzy Wubble Jigglers – wiggly, jiggly, pint-sized pets that fit in the palm of your hand! 

Characters also include: Shadow the Shark, Pinky the Piglet, Sparkle the Unicorn, Oliver the Octopus, and Sprinkles the Narwhal.  Collect them all!


  • Super fuzzy, soft and cuddly
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Six adorable characters
  • Collect them all!
  • Ages 4+

You cna find these super cute Wubble Fuzzy at

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