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Holiday 2020: Harkla Pod Sensory Swing

If you are looking for sensory or therapy swings to help your child relax and get their bearings in, then you will love the Sensory Pod by Harkla. These autistic swings are made of high-quality but comfortable canvas that your child will want to spend hours in.

These Pod Sensory Swings are used by occupational therapists for autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder. The Pod Sensory Swing provides a hug-like effect for little ones by providing Deep Touch Pressure (DTP). The Pod Sensory Swing also provides vestibular input. From infancy through adulthood, vestibular information contributes to the development of muscle tone, balance, eye movements, and more. Using slow, linear movements with Pod Sensory Swing (back and forth, side to side) gives much needed vestibular input and creates a feeling of calm in your child. Since these indoor therapy swing safely hangs from your ceiling, your child can receive the calming sense of wellbeing that swinging brings right in your home.

  • Machine & spot clean washable
  • Comes with everything you need for easy setup
  • Holds up to 150lbs for a safe place for your child

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