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Holiday 2018: Razor Scooter for all the Kids

People have known Razor for 18 years as the creator of the Best Scooter out there….and Razor has way more than just scooters…electric heel wheel skates, hoverboards, electric skateboards and so much more!

And with the Holidays here, why not give the gift of family time and a little (ok…a lot!) of outdoor fun! Razor has gifts for the whole family, from your toddler to mom and dad!

Check out some of the great new electric scooters, skateboard and cool rides from Razor!

Razor Power A2
Ages 8 and up
Packed with innovation from its lithium-ion battery and push-button throttle control to its kick-to-start in-hub electric motor, the Power A2 is ushering in a new age of performance in an ultra-modern, compact and easily foldable update of our classic A scooter.

Past meets future with the light-weight and streamlined Power A2, packing an electrifying, lithium-ion powered punch with bold style and a quiet, rattle-free ride at speeds up to 10 mph!

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard
Ages 9 and up

RazorX Cruiser Electric SkateboardThe Razor X Cruiser is a skateboard with an electrifying kick, putting the control of a 125-watt, geared motor together with a lithium-ion battery to deliver electrifying skate action at speeds up to 10 mph.

Everyone needs a power-assist at times, but if you think an electric skateboard is for – look what our pro-skateboarder engineers came up with. With carve and turn action, The RazorX Cruiser is a high-performance, high-quality skateboard, powered by an electric rear-wheel motor and controlled by a hand-held remote.

Razor Lil’ E Electric Scooter
Ages 3 and up

It’s a revolution in fun for the little ones– an electric scooter built specifically for youngsters still mastering their balance and coordination.

The Lil’ E provides the extra stability of three wheels and a simplified push-to-go, soft start throttle that keeps them in control as they explore the thrills of electric-powered fun.

A2 Kick Scooter
Ages 5 and up

With the phenomenal success of the original A model kick scooter, Razor continued the line with the A2 model. All of the slick aluminum style with the addition of cool new features – a spring-less front suspension and a wheelie bar.

Head over to to check out all the awesome Razor products!

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