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Holiday 2013: A Very Fuddles Christmas

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The way Fuddles, the overly indulged feline, sees the world, it’s better to receive than give! And what better gift for Fuddles than Christmas?

The pampered feline star of Fuddles (2011) is back and on the prowl for holiday treats.

One winter day, he wakes up to the smells and sights of the holiday: a juicy turkey dinner, sweet gingerbread, and a tree decorated with shiny, glittering toys—all for him! He can’t contain himself: “Me-wow!” But an authoritative voice shoos him from the dinner, presents, gingerbread house, and decorated tree, sending him scurrying right out the front door into the fluffy “white stuff” outside.

Of course, once the family realizes what’s happened, they welcome Fuddles back in the style to which his tubby tummy has grown accustomed. The entertaining antics of this black-and-white charmer are charged by several memorable images, including a tumble down the dark chimney. Ages 4–7.




*A product was provided.

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