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Holiday 2012: Playskool Rocktivity Sit Crawl and Stand Band

As soon as Shelby saw the adorable Playskool Rocktivity Sit Crawl and Stand Band  she couldn’t wait to play with it!

It took only a few minutes,  some screws and 3 AA Batteries to put it together and she was off finding out what would make noise and music to dance to!

It’s a one baby band!  Keyboard, drums, guitar and even a jukebox to lay the track, this band has the instruments your little one needs to make great music.  Whether your baby is sitting, crawling, or standing, he’s going to rock with modern rock and pop tunes!

This band will get little ones up and moving, and while their dancing they’ll be building gross motor skills and coordination (these will come in handy when they get to prom!).

I love sitting on the floor with her pushing the various buttons and watching her dance to the music, or taking turns to see the fun lights.

One of my favorite things about this toy is that is has gotten everyone onto the floor and playing together.  My favorite part of the Playskool Rocktivity Sit Crawl and Stand Band is the little piano. As soon as you hit one of the keys the music starts and Shelby loves to rock back and forth dancing.

This toy also helps encourage development of  Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Cognitive Learning and Sensory Development. For kids 6-36 months.


Look at Shelby! She loves it!

You can purchase the Playskool Rocktivity Sit Crawl and Stand Band at  Toys R US and online as well!

Head on over to for more info!

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  1. My son would have loved this as a baby. He would have really been into the music of this activity center. Adorable video!

  2. I love to sit on the floor and play, so I’d give this as a gift while it is really for me to have fun fun fun with the wee ones!!!

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