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Holiday 2012: Nickelodeon Winx Club

Does your daughter love WINX Club as much as mine? We have  a agreat lsit of items perfect for Holiday!

WINX Club Magical Fairy Party – Learn and practice magical skills with Bloom, Stella and the rest of the Winx Club girls on the celebrations committee and plan, decorate, and put on some of the best parties Alfea has ever seen!

This is a must have DS Game for any Winx Club lover.
Winx Club Groove & Glow Dance Mat – Sarah LOVES to dance, and I knew that this would be so much fun for her to hook her iPod up to and to dance her little heart out.

Do you have what it takes to earn the power of Believix? Follow the lights on the console and step on the right marks to get the highest score. You can control the level of difficulty by selecting one of 3 different tempos of included Winx Club songs: slow, medium, and lightning fast. Plug in any MP3 player and dance to your favorite music.
Winx Club Books:

  • Volume 1: Welcome to Magix! – Bewitching, beautiful teen girls with a passion for fashion and a flair for magic! They are the WINX Club. Sometwere in the universe, witches and fairies begina battle in the name of good and evel. Join Bloom and her friends as they deal with all the drama of teenage life while trying to save the universe from the wicked senior witches.
  • Volume 2: Secrets of Alfea –  As Bloom tries to understand why the witches have stolen Stella’s solaria ring, a restricted book opens for her and she learns about the myth of the Dragon Fire. If the myth is true, there’s a power out there stronger than anything they could ever imagine. Is it in Stella’s solaria ring? Is it hidden at Alfea? Or somewhere else? As the witches try to find the Dragon Fire, they get into an epic battle with Bloom and rest of the Winx Club girls. As they’re about to destroy Musa, Bloom begins to glow with a strong and powerful light. Could it be? Is the Dragon Fire inside her?
  • Winx Club, Vol. 3 – Bloom’s Secret Past – Bloom discovers a shocking secret about her past, forcing her to let go of her life on Earth, and confront the amazing destiny that awaits her. The surpises continue as she sneaks a peek at her ‘life book’ stunned by what she uncovers. Also see…Stella’s dream to be Miss Magix, if the Winx girls will reisk it al by cheating on a major test, and the Witches send a Nightmare Gargoyle to attack the Winx Club

Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom Movie

Bloom will stop at nothing to find her birth parents. On a magical journey that takes her to a strange planet with evil lurking around every corner, Bloom will learn to trust her true friends… and herself.

Winx Club™ Flora Sparkling Wings – Sparkle & soar to the power of Believix! The Winx Club™ Sparkling Wings feature soft mesh with a dazzling glitter print that is sure to transform you from everyday to fairy. Wings feature the Winx Characters’ iconic Believix wings with bold colors and splashes of glitter, finished with matching elastic straps and character patch.

Combined, all these Winx Club items make one AMAZING gift!

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