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Holiday 2012: Moxie Girlz Bubble Bath Doll

Sarah loves her baths still, I think it’s still the easiest way to get her really clean plus recently Shelby has been getting in with her for a few minutes to splash around.
It’s fun watching them interact together and play.  Sarah has always loved bringing in Barbies to her baths but I always felt that they would get water in them since they weren’t real bath toys.

When Sarah saw the Moxie Girlz Bubble Bath Sophina Doll she was in love!  The Sophina Bubble Bath Surprise Doll makes bathing fun and exciting. Sophina is clad in a glittery foam skirt, which spreads out when she’s in the water and allows her to float.  I love this foam skirt and so does Sarah. She says for once her doll floats and head doesn’t go in the water. She also loves the color green so Sophina is her favorite!

The Magic skirt allows her to float, and has two holders for her pet and mini bubbles. View larger. The skirt fits easily around Sophina’s waist and has openings where accessories can be stored. Sophina also comes with a cute pet “catfish” figurine that has the head of a cat and the body of a fish–a whimsical companion for Sophina’s imaginary undersea adventures.

Designed to promote pretend play, this Bubble Bath Surprise doll comes with a vial of bubble solution that is capped with a shell-shaped bubble blower. Only a small amount of bubble solution is included, however, so refills will likely be necessary.


The Moxie Girlz Bubble Bath Doll  are available at Toys R Us and Target and are on sale for $17.99!

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