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Holiday 2012: Gifts for her with Hanes

I think us moms usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to Holiday Gifts, and yet Moms are the ones who work their tushies off all season bringing the best Holidays to their families that they can.

The things with Moms though is that it’s the simple gifts that mean a lot, like new jammies! As soon as I saw and felt the Hanes Women’s Sleep Pants I loved them. They are soft and comfortable.

At the price of only $12.oo these are great gifts from the kids. Yes Dad… the kids love to get Mom a gift and have them pick out some fun Jammies! (that wont break the bank, that way you can get her that Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer she wants.. hint hint Hubby) has tons of great stocking stuffer ideas too, like chonies and socks! yes.. our family loves getting new socks and chonies in our stocking, plus they are so practical!

Be sure to visit Our Ordinary Life to see what they think of Hane’s Sleep Pants!

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