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Here’s How to Make Your Kids Feel Included in Your Second Wedding

If you or your partner already has children, your wedding day can be a special occasion that brings you all together as a family. It can serve as a memorable celebration and one that you will all cherish forever.

Getting your children involved and making them feel included throughout the entire process can help to ease any fears they may have about having a new stepparent.

For parents who are preparing to have their second wedding, here are the best ways to make your kids feel included:

Have Them Help with the Planning

You can make your kids feel included by letting them help with some of the details for your special day. Depending on their ages, offer them a few different responsibilities, like picking out different options for save-the-date cards and wedding invitation before you and your soon-to-be spouse make the final decision. They might also like to help you choose the flower arrangements. If this is your second wedding, it may be less formal ⁠— and getting the kids involved can be a good way for you to bond.

Give Them a Special Role

Your children will feel more invested and a greater part of your wedding day when you let them play a special role. If they are the bride’s children, they can walk down the aisle in place of the father of the bride. Alternatively, there is the role of ring bearer, bridesmaid, flower girl or best man, and your decision will depend on the age and confidence of your children.

Additionally, you might like to include additional family activities during the day such as a sand ceremony, readings or candle lighting. They could even say “we do” at the altar with you. Just make sure there are plenty of photos taken of the kids with the bride and groom, as these will be cherished for years to come.

Let Them Choose What to Wear

You want your little ones to feel good on your wedding day, and they will be happier if they have some say in what they get to wear. A young daughter could be given a choice of white dresses, or a son could select his own tie. You can still have a theme while letting your children put their own personal touches on their outfit. Give them options for shoes and hairstyles, and consider buying them a piece of jewelry that they can wear on the wedding day and to hold onto as a keepsake.

Offer Them Different Forms of Entertainment

Kids can get bored at wedding receptions, and if yours are staying most of the night, try to make it fun for them. Consider inviting other guests with kids and set up a table especially for the little ones. Additionally, make sure their meals are child-friendly and that they’re served before the adults.

You may also want to keep them busy with activities such as coloring and board games. Finally, for later in the evening, consider hiring a babysitter who can take the kids back to their hotel room when they get tired. When you don’t have to worry about your kids being grumpy on your wedding day, it will make for a more enjoyable for everyone.

Let Your Wedding be More Than About You

When you have kids, your wedding won’t just be about you and your partner, as it’s also a day that will bring you all together as a family. Of course, it’s important to make your kids feel included and welcome, and there are several ways to do this. Consider letting them help during the planning process, give them a special job and have child-friendly activities for them to enjoy.


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