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Helpful Information When Choosing to Buy the Best Weighted Blankets for Kids & Adults

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According to a few different studies done on weight blankets, both therapists and scientists have confirmed that they can significantly help reduce symptoms associated with conditions such as anxiety, autism, insomnia in both adults and kids. One of the main reasons for this is because they typically weigh more than the average duvet or blanket, by anywhere between 4 to 30 pounds, depending on size and use, that this plays a crucial part in the whole process in complementing existing therapy methods.

The origins of the idea may not have been well-known. However when a lady by the name of Donna chambers first heard about it through a friend who recommended her placing a heavy blanket on the child while he is sleeping. She looked for someone who could make one for her, used it, it worked nicely and she started her own company to sell them, and the rest was history.

Let’s take a basic look at the many benefits they can provide to any family or individual, below.

Reasons to Invest in Weighted Blankets for Kids and Adults

As mentioned above they can significantly help reduce anxiety in small children and many adults who suffer from this condition too. When one is in a calmer space of mind, they can sleep better. What this blanket does is to provide that much needed safe and secure feeling so that one can sleep more deeply and peacefully.

Grounding. This is very helpful like almost like how meditation practices help ground patients. You can check more information on how to do on this source, this device also helps create a similar sense of grounding which is also known as “earthing”, and has a tremendous healing effect on the psyche. The “deep-pressure touch” aspect of these products, also known as DTP, which similarly to getting a massage, uses pressure to aid in the relief and ultimate alleviation of high levels of anxiety and patients who suffer from chronic stress disorder can find a lot of help using it.

The act of grounding one’s mind and body, in this scenario, assists in reducing the stress hormone in our bodies, known as Cortisol, which is typically extracted when the brain thinks that you are under attack, and from the fight or flight stimulus responses, that we get when we feel fear. Because these types of situations can aggravate our stress levels, one good way to keep them to a minimum is whilst using this blanket.

Other things these optional coverings can assist with is to indirectly reduce your blood sugar levels as a result of the earlier mentioned, escalating cortisol levels which can also lead to several positive things such as helping one’s digestive tract. As you can see it’s a domino effect, when one thing goes wrong it creates a ripple effect with the rest of the mind and body.

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Controlling Cortisol Levels. Levels that do not drop back down to normal, can cause multiple complications including weight gain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.  By providing this much-needed pressure it helps to break this cycle and provide a much more positive experience. According to the online results of the publication, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15650465/, grounding one’s body and mind while sleeping is a good way to control cortisol levels and bring it back to the 24-hour circadian rhythm. Women tend to be better adapted to this, thus improving all the above negative effects.

If you wondering about the weight of it, and not sure which one to purchase for yourself or your child, in terms of heaviness, the best gauge is your body weight. Adults’ recommendations are to buy a blanket that’s 5 to 10 % of your body weight. For younger adults or children, the advice is to use 10% of their body weight and add another couple of pounds on top, up to 2 pounds maximum. If in doubt, ask your doctor or physician.

Instances When One I Needed

Point to note is that when thinking about purchasing any one or two of the best weighted blankets for kids and adults, for you or your family, you must first and foremost speak to your practitioner about it. Reason is because not everyone should be using them and they are mainly used for specific reasons such as chronic health conditions, respiratory issues, circulation problems, to help in regulating temperature or when women are going through menopause, it can also help with that.

A good idea is also to speak to your health insurance provider to see if they cover the costs for it, especially if you treating a health matter as some of them cover things such as these if your doctor prescribes it. They would usually fall under medical expenses and can also be legally tax-deductible by law.

It seems than especially now, during these unprecedented instances surrounding us throughout the world, that one is needed more than ever. If for anything else, use it just to comfort yourself or your children. Even though they were created as a medical “tool”, they fall under the sensory tool categories, and a lot of hospitals and therapeutic units use them to bring comfort to individuals, they can still be used in the comfort of your own home, within limits of course.

What Is It Made Of?

To satisfy the curiosity of those who may not know what is inside one of these, sometimes there are glass beads, while others are made using plastic beads on the inside. These are purposefully stitched on the inside of the material to give it some weight. The exterior material is usually made using a cotton cloth or a softer one such as velvet. The weight will depend on o the number of beads on the inside, as one would expect, the more beads included on the inside the heavier it will be.

If you’re not satisfied with the information above, and still need further convincing, it is advisable to search online to read user reviews and gauge from that. There is no better result than the one from someone who has had first-hand experience with it.  Sweet slumbers!


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