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Heart And Soul Food: The Benefits Of Having Heartier Food In Our Lives Rather Than Boring Salads

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We all like hearty food. There’s a comfort to it that we can’t get from a salad. When the weather outside is frightful, we fill our bellies with hearty goodness. But there are some people that think that hearty food isn’t healthy. But when you are meal planning for the week, there are numerous benefits to having hearty meals. Even if you are a health-conscious family that predominantly eat vegetables, there are reasons for you to get more stodge into your diet.

It’s An Easy Way To Hide Vegetables

When you start to think of one easy chicken recipe you can do that’s all in one pot, you can add so much to it that even if your children don’t like vegetables, it’s a perfect way of flavoring them, so they don’t taste “healthy.” Hiding vegetables into a casserole dish with a nice pile of mashed potatoes on the side can be just what the doctor ordered.

It’s Easy To Cook

There is a reason that hearty food is favored amongst most families. All you need to do is put all the ingredients in one pot, put them in the oven, and you’ve got a deliciously tasty meal. When we are so busy in our lives, we struggle to put our health at the forefront of our minds. There are so many different options out there for hearty, healthy meals. If you’re feeling more oriental in your leanings you can make wonderful noodle soups. Or if you’re trying to be more vegan, you can make a lentil casserole that is as tasty as its meat counterpart. 

The Abundance Of Vitamins And Minerals

When you start to break down the meals you and your kids have during the day, just how much of them are really healthy? The great thing about hearty meals like this is that you can sneak so many vegetables in it can be the perfect way to get your daily quota. There are so many tasty vegetables out there that just need some seasoning and a little bit of time in a crockpot. And let’s not forget the fact that it’s so cheap to make! You can purchase root vegetables so cheaply and prepare them quickly. While they’re cooking, all you need to do is relax! Hearty food is healthy. And while a lot of people talk about the fact that these foods are usually covered with butter, we have to remember that butter isn’t the enemy anymore. In fact, there’s a change going on where people are going back to more traditional ways of eating. People are shunning fast food culture in favor of filling meals. The other thing we have to mention is when we eat hearty meals we won’t be hungry an hour later!

And if you have limited control over what your children eat during the course of the day, when they come home for their evening meal, there are few things better than giving them a plate of hearty, nutritious warming food.

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