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Happy Thanksgiving!!

10The girls and I are relaxing before we head on over to my in laws. Lots of company coming over. Thanksgiving is my father in laws favorite holiday. It’s a time where all come together, reflect on the past year and think about how next year we will make it even better (as a family). Three and a half years ago my father in law suffered a heart attack and had open heart surgery. In all honesty we had no idea if he would make it. Sarah was 4 months old when this happened and we lived in San Diego so my in laws barely knew Sarah. (crazy to think now). My father in law spent 8 weeks in the hospital. It was the longest 8 weeks ever.  When he came home he had to take it easy and took time before he was able to get back into his regular routine.

This past August he suffered from a seizure. I actually was at the airport when it happened and turned around and went home to be with my family.  In the end they had no idea why he had a seizure. They thought it might have been caused from his heart attack 3.5 years ago but they aren’t sure.

Anyways, so that is why Thanksgiving is special to our family. My father in law is here with us and the girls adore their Papa. They beg to go see their grandparents every day.

Can’t wait to head over there and spend a nice day with the family!


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