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Happy Father’s Day!!

I wanted to say Happy Father’s Day!!! We all had a alte start this morning, my MIL came and got my girls to visit with her dad, sadly both DH and I had to work, so the girls are visiting the grandparents/great grandparents today. I am happy they got to at least do something and get out of the house!

On another note, I got a job. I started last week, and am still traiing, so today I have a short shift, from 11 to 3. MIL should be abck around 3ish, so I’ll probbaly take them to the pool or something later.

For Daddy’s day we got Daddy some chonies (he really needed them) the movie Doggle (well Sam wanted it for him), and I got him a Sake set from Pottery Barn (he is a sushi chef)

to all the Dads out there, it’s your day and we hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

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