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HandStand for iPad

Try this: hold your hand in front of you in roughly the position you’d hold a tablet computer. Or a plate of doughnuts. Just hold your hand out there; no objects and no weight. How fast does your arm get tired? One minute? Five minutes?

We LOVE our iPads. But almost as soon as we got them, we noticed there were ergonomic problems with iPad use that limited how much time we were willing to spend with it. We couldn’t figure out a comfortable, functional way to hold and use the iPad without eventually having some fatigue, not to mention launching apps by accident, random scrolling, etc.

HandStand allows you to keep your hand in a comfortable position while turning the iPad for best viewing. It becomes an extension of your body as well as your mind. Hold it effortlessly, spin it portrait or landscape, display the screen to others — work, watch or play effortlessly. You’ll do more with your iPad and get more value out of your investment.

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