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Handling Insect Pests At Home

Nothing can ruin the pleasant environment of your home quite like an invasion of pests. Whether it’s ants invading the kitchen or thousands of tiny termites destroying the house itself, nobody wants pests of any kind in their way.

As a result, we spend a lot of time and money trying to keep these unwanted visitors out of the house and yard. Some of the techniques we use are effective, while others are not so great.

The first thing we need to think about as we plan our pest-proofing strategy is the location of the pests. Moxie pest control in Columbus Ohio uses different techniques for the two different locations, and as homeowners, the things we can do outside are very different from our options inside as well. We must make sure to approach the problem correctly.

The first thing most of us think of is killing the pests, and with the help of a good exterminator, this is definitely an effective option. We can also look at the bigger picture and work with our professional to combat pests on our own with a few simple techniques.


A well-sealed home that effectively excludes pests is better than any other technique you can come up with. There can be thousands of pests outside that will never come indoors if you have properly sealed all the gaps and cracks.

This is very effective but also very time-consuming. It will involve some hours with the caulk gun and a lot of crawling around. You should also think about things like the door sweeps that can help to keep entry points tight, and it’s worth a family lecture on keeping doors and windows fully closed at all times. Check your window screens to make sure those warm days don’t turn into an insect house party for you. An added bonus to sealing up is energy savings.


A good, safe way to keep pests under control is simply to make them stay away. There are lots of techniques for doing this, including specialized lanterns that can keep insects away. And our regular lights can be managed carefully to keep nuisance bugs away from people and doors.

We can’t always keep pests out of the entire yard or the entire hiking trail, but we can repel pests very directly by using insect repellent on ourselves. There are plenty of safe products out there with DEET that can be used on kids and adults. Just make sure to use them according to their label instructions and to reapply as directed. Be sure to use the product on clothing as well, since that’s often where insects make contact with us. And speaking of clothing, consider long pants when you’ll be in heavy vegetation.

Habitat Modification

When a pest chooses to occupy an area, the habitat must be suitable. The pest must have the appropriate environment for its normal life cycle. If we can change that, we can get them away from us. With ticks, we can do a lot of good just by trimming tall grass where ticks like to wait on their prey.

But perhaps the most effective means to keep pests away is to make sure that they do not have access to food. No matter what else may be appealing to them about a particular location, the pest won’t stay if it can’t eat. This is a little more practical indoors, where we can seal food containers and clean up spills.

When we are the food source, such as with mosquitoes and ticks, it’s impossible to eliminate the entire supply, but if we’ve done a good job using an exterminator in coordination with home maintenance, repellents, and habitat modification, we can still spend some time outdoors without excessive six-legged company.

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