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H2OGO! Hurricane Tunnel Blast Mega Water Park

April 19th we bought the Bestway H2OGO! Hurricane Tunnel Blast Mega Water Park from Target, We knew we wanted to surprise the kids with a summer of fun knowing we would be stuck at home all summer due to Covid-19. We gave the kids strict rules and guidelines on what to do with the water slide and what not to do. We wanted the water slide to last us as any one who spends over 400 dollars would right?

So we use the slide maybe twice a week, we keep it on tarps to protect it as you ca seen. when we don;t sue it we put it away because we want it to last.

Our younger children are the only ones who use the slide as they are both very small and under the weight limit which by the way is around 150 lbs

It is made of a durable and colorful PVC-coated polyester material, or so it says durable to withstand kids rough play….

So here we are not even having it two months and we use it maybe twice a week max and it is broken. the  colorful PVC-coated polyester material is cracked all around the water slide, and the pool that is to hold water in.

Here are the photos of how it looks with two little kids using it. (they weigh 45 lbs each)

the lining on the inside completely peeled away and water just pours inside

So here I flipped the pool part over once we drained the water and you can see where the pvc coated liner is peeling away from the softer material. This is throughout the entire water slide.

In the above picture with the black circle is where you can see the liner all peeled away from the slide, this is an important part of the slide where kids go down, once the water is on and spraying on the slide the water can just pour right into the area of the slide that should only have air in it.

Sadly we have been trying to reach Bestway to let them know what has happened with our product that is defective with no response. I have registered the product with Bestway after we purchased it. If we are able to finally reach them and find out what happened to our product I will be gladly to update. I see I am not the only customer having issues based on their Social Media channels.

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