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Great Games for Spring

With April FINALLY here, that can only mean one thing – Easter is finally on it’s way! We have some great games/crafts for the kiddos.

My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage

Start an enchanted science project with your kid and take them step-by-step on how to plant a magical garden for fairies. My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage is a flowerpot that comes with everything you need to create a new fairy world; watering can, gardening tools, soil, seeds, and a cottage to house fairy Isla and her friends. 

Face Paintoos Wild Pack

Traditional Face painting can be messy and requires artistic skills, but not with Face Paintoos. Easy to apply and easy to clean, Face Paintoos will give your kids professional face paint in minutes, helping them to spend hours dressing up in costumes and role-playing. Who said you could only wear costumes on Halloween?  Dress up and transform into fun animals with Face Paintoos to create all kinds of stories with your kids.

Zangle Card Game

Family nights will get more fun and competitive with Zangle! Find a Zangle with two or more cards to make the shape on another card. You can twist, flip or spin your cards to find the best angle to make your Zangle. You won’t stop playing this game once you start racing to find Zangles before your opponents! 

SET card game

Children often beat adults in this extremely addictive and fast-paced card game. All players compete simultaneously and try to claim sets of cards in a single pass through the deck. A set consists of three cards that are either all alike or all different in each attribute. Whoever claims the most sets wins!

Spirograph Travel Set

Now you can create countless amazing designs on the go with the classic Travel Spirograph! This portable Spirograph studio has a built-in design ring, work surface, and storage compartment for holding your wheels, pens, paper, design guide and finished artwork. The Travel Spirograph is the perfect “go-anywhere design toy”!

Y’Art Flamingo Craft Kit

Simply thread the Y’Art pen and color in the numbered areas — yarn magically clings to the 8”x10” Grip-N-Stick Y’Artboard as you swirl, twirl, and zig-zag to complete each unique design!  Y‘Art is totally mess-free and OOPS-proof — if you make a mistake, simply lift up the yarn and reposition. Each canvas is pre-printed and numbered for you to create vibrant textile art to frame and display

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