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Giving the Gift of a Holiday

Buying gifts for loved ones is challenging for many people. This is especially true if the giftees are adults – people who may be able to buy the things they want for themselves. If this sounds familiar to you, you may have strolled the aisles of retail stores or scrolled through countless pages of Amazon products, only to feel that you haven’t found what you’re looking for.


Perhaps the best way to get a great present for someone you love is to step outside of the world of possessions entirely. Sometimes the thing we want most isn’t a thing, but an experience. Think about the people on your holiday gift list. What’s something they might want to do, not just have? Maybe it’s time to gift someone a holiday.


Gifting a vacation isn’t a one-size fits all notion. On the one hand you could buy timeshare for someone you love through DVC Resales. On the other hand, you could do something as simple as renting a nice AirBNB for your sister and her boyfriend. These are great options for several reasons. 1) People don’t tend to think of or expect a gift like this. 2) Everybody likes to get away from the daily routine once in awhile. 3) Many people won’t do something like this for themselves.


Americans rarely vacation, at least on average. What’s more, the Holidays can feel like anything but a holiday, family members who rarely see each other suddenly living together for days at a time. For these reasons, a gifted holiday can be incredibly valuable to the people you care about most. You’ll see it in their eyes.


If you don’t want to pay for a full fledged holidays, there are many vacations which you can also facilitate. Here are some of the best options.


  • Buy tickets to a local event like a baseball game, a trip to the state aquarium, a brewery tour, or other activity that your giftee/s would love to do.
  • Invite the giftee out with you. If you have a free spot on your holiday docket, buy an extra ticket. Or maybe you just want to have the cousin who lives the next county over come stay for a couple of days, with concert tickets already purchased to help set the date.
  • If you are buying gifts for people who have big responsibilities like children, give a coupon to take the kids for a day or two to give the parents a break. If they have pets that make it hard for them to get away, buy a gift card for a dog walker or local boarding facility.
  • You can always just buy your loved ones a gift card for airfare, hotel stays, or any other travel expenses. It’s easy to see how these can translate into awesome experiences later on.


There are loads of ways to go on vacation, from big international experiences to simply a day spent off the clock. No matter how you help your loved ones take a vacation of their own, it’ll be appreciated, and maybe the very best gift of the whole holiday season.


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