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Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving This Christmas

When it comes to buying presents every year, it can be hard to find inspiration for thoughtful gifts that are going to continuously bring joy to your loved ones throughout the following year – not just for a couple of minutes after ripping off the festive paper. It can be easy to par off soaps and spice racks on your surrounding family, but when it’s the thought that counts, you can be left feeling like your gift giving adrenaline is not quite hitting the maximum line.

Here are some ideas for gifts that will keep on giving through the whole new year, and into the future so that you can get the most out of your season of goodwill and cheer.


Animal Sponsorship

If you have an animal lover in your life, it may be an idea to take out a year’s charity sponsorship for them on their favourite animal. Charities like WWF have lots of options to choose from and specialize in repopulating endangered species. Your loved one will get constant updates on the animal that they are supporting, and how the money from the gift has been used to help the animal live a better life. There’s also sometimes the opportunity to go and meet the animal that has been sponsored, so you and your loved one get to see first hand how the sponsorship is benefitting the animal and their species. It’s usually an inexpensive monthly direct debit that, in total, will probably equal the price of a typical Christmas present. However, instead of collecting dust, it will be helping to increase the life quality of a specially chosen animal.  


Festive Memories

They say a picture holds a thousand words, but it can also hold a thousand memories and happy family moments. Collecting yours and a loved one’s favourite photos together and tastefully displaying them in a beautifully designed photo album is a great way of giving a personal and carefully thought about gift. There are also companies like Krystil McDowall Photography that will capture family photos in natural ways that portray the love and bond between your chosen loved ones. You could hire a photographer for your Boxing Day festivities or New Year’s Eve celebrations to capture the laughs and special moments of the day. These photos can then be used to create a photo wall for your loved one’s family room that will be a constant reminder of happy times or can be framed for display in any room of the house.


Beauty Subscription Box  

For the fellow yummy mummy, super woman and hard-working sister or friend in your life, it may be time to remind them to take some time for themselves once in awhile. A beauty subscription box is usually inexpensive and turns up monthly in your mailbox. The quality of the items and the price they add up to always exceeds the amount of the monthly payment by far, and it gives your loved one an excuse to take a few hours to pamper themselves.


Hopefully, this gave you some inspiration for your gift giving this year. Have a lovely holiday season!


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