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Gifts for the Home: Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum

Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum (3)

Looking for the perfect vacuum for both your hard floors and carpets?

Shark has taken a surprising turn in deep cleaning with our new lightweight Shark® Rocket® Powerhead. By moving all the cleaning components conveniently into the head of the vacuum, we were able to shorten the suction path to the dust cup by as much as 80% and put all the vacuum’s weight where it counts most—on the floor, not in your hand. So you get the cleaning power of a heavy-duty upright in an amazingly lightweight, streamlined vacuum.

Some vacuum manufacturers suggest turning off the brushroll on delicate bare floors, leaving you with only suction. That can help you get the top layer of loose particles and dirt, but using suction alone can leave stuck-on dust and debris behind. We came up with a better idea.

Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum (4)

The All Surface Brushroll goes from carpets to hard floors with ease and delivers outstanding everyday cleaning.

When cleaning just hard floors, use the easily interchangeable Gentle Touch Hard Floor brushroll. It’s gentle, yet provides deep floor engagement when combined with Shark’s intense suction. The Rocket® Powerhead will change how you clean all your bare floors.

Also included is the case to store your extra brush head.
Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum (5)

  • Fingertip Controls- Easy-to-use fingertip controls allow the user to transition seamlessly between floor types.
  • Telescoping Handle – With a click, the telescoping handle adjusts to your comfort height. This makes for easy storage, too.
  • Pop-Up Dust Cup – Step on dust cup release pedal at bottom of wand and dust cup presents itself. Dust cup bottom-empty design means quick disposal of household debris.
  • Maneuverability – Maneuver in between, around, and under furniture easier than ever before. Advanced steering and a low profile allow for a deeper clean by reaching those hard-to-reach places.
  • Changing & Cleaning the Brushroll – You can lift the tab for instant access to your brushroll. There’s no belt to mess with and no plates to unscrew. Just remove, clean, and replace.

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You can purchase the Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum in stores like Target and Lowes.

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