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Gifts for Teens: Board Pusher – Custom Skate Board


My oldest daughter has been asking for a skateboard. I honestly know nothing about them so I was beyond thrilled to work with BoardPusher. From everything I was able to custom make it all.

I wanted to do something that would be inspirational and put a smile on her face every time she looked at it.

We chose the custom griptape as well!  It was extremely easy to design. I selected a pre-made back ground and then just added my own text.



Ad for the deck itself, it did take me a little bit of time but not much extra.  The hardest part was fitting all the quotes on so they would not be covered up by the wheels (which I still messed up) . Basically I selected full color background and then just kept adding a picture to the board, making it larger (or smaller) and rotating it so the quote fit where I wanted it.


Here are some easy videos to follow when it comes to designing your skateboard:

Digitizing and transferring a full canvas into a skateboard graphic – https://youtu.be/1G3m49Zu5C4 Creating a skateboard graphic out of a sketchbook drawing – https://youtu.be/BvTew7DFFWAUsing the camera on your phone to create a graphic – https://youtu.be/xWrMJGxnt6o

BoardPusher offers on-demand printing of custom skateboards with no minimum quantities, and hosts a skateboarding pic forum which is open to public submissions. BoardPusher believes in supporting local groups and teams, giving them the opportunity to showcase their athletic skills and artistic creativity.

To start your custom Skateboard head on over to www.boardpusher.com.

*A product was provided.


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