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Gifts for Pre-Schoolers: eeBoo Friendly Animal Lacing Cards

Eeboo Lacing Cards (2)

Shelby is at that perfect age where learning is fun. She is fascinated with trying to figure things out and is working on her Fine Motor Skills.

The Lacing Cards by eeBoo is perfect for pre-schoolers. They are an extra sturdy board with plenty of cleanly drilled holes and faux silk laces that won’t ever unravel guarantee success for the lacer as well as longevity of the product.

Kids will thread the laces in one hole and out the next, outlining and highlighting the friendly images. Lacing Cards are excellent for fine motor refinement and parents love a toy that kids self-direct. Lacing Cards also are perfect for the car, and a great gift for any little one.

Eeboo Lacing Cards (1)

Eeboo Lacing Cards (3) Eeboo Lacing Cards (4)

Each box contains 5 cards and laces based on a theme. Each card measures 9.5 by 8 inches.

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