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Gifts for Expecting Parents: Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor

Panasonic’s easy to use video Baby Monitor uses a clear and secure (non-wifi) long-range DECT technology found in its top-selling cordless phones. It’s safe and secure up to 1500 ft.

DECT systems offer clear, secure and interference-free signal strength up to 1500 feet. More than the length of four football fields, twice the range of comparable monitors. Anywhere in or outside the home you can clearly and continually keep tabs on the child. The HN300 Baby Monitor includes a bright 3.5-in. color monitor and controls that sync to a wide-eyed, wall-mountable monochrome night vision camera in the baby’s room (the HN300 system is expandable up to four cameras). The camera can be controlled to pan, tilt and zoom the camera right from the monitor to look in on the child anytime.

A long-life, built-in rechargeable battery in the monitor stores power for up to 13 hours of standby time and up to 5 hours of power for continuous use. A smart motion sensor alerts you when the child is awake or string, or crying. A temperature sensor alerts you if the room is above or below 68-72oF. When activated, sensors sound a chime, illuminate a LED on the monitor and display a notification on the screen. Plus, microphones and speakers in both camera and monitor enable 2-way talk with the child. Gentle, soothing sounds include five types of white noise and a choice of lullabies.

Here are a few key features to look forward to:

  • Extra-long, interference-free range up to 1500 feet (that’s more than four football fields!)
  • Longer battery life
  • Clear night vision
  • Peace of mind with wide-eye view capabilities
  • 2-way communication to talk to you baby/toddler at anytime
  • Minimized background noise for clear sound
  • Customizable smart sensors + alert function

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