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Gift ideas for the little man in your life

Finding the right gift for the little man in your life should be a simple task, right? Wrong! It’s so difficult trying to find and pinpoint the right gift that we often panic and stick with a gift card just to be on the safe side!

With so many gifts, toys and electronics out there – not to mention all the other relatives and friends that might duplicate the same gift as yours, its no wonder so many of us feel overwhelmed! Well, don’t worry because help is at hand! Whether you’re looking for some ideas for what to buy a 6 year old boy, or you’re already thinking about Christmas gifts (there’s nothing wrong with being organised!) read on for some super simple, but highly popular gift ideas that the little man in your life will absolutely love. 

Something Personalized

Kids are eternally enchanted by personalized gifts, whether that be a set of stationery with their name on it or a book that includes them and their friends in it as characters. Gifts like this make any child feel extra-special, and it can be even better if you can create an interactive figure that looks like them. There’s still plenty of time to look at custom bobbleheads before Christmas or any other special occasion, and pick out a gift your kid will love. Whether a large or small gift for the little one, these are choices that they’ll love.

Bath toys

I know that bath toys are usually something that babies and toddlers get the most enjoyment out of, but there are still toys that apply to those who are a little older. Toys like bath crayons are perfect if your child is bursting with creativity. Or even something like bath slime, where they can revel as the bath water turns into a gruesome, slimy concoction are always heaps of fun. If you’re looking to top up their gifts with some smaller items then things like glow sticks are great fun in the bath as are plastic soldiers and other items you can pick up for a low price.

Feed their creativity

There are loads of options here, but the most popular would have to be a good old arts and crafts set. Children of all ages get excited when they see plenty of craft paper, paints, glue, pens, glitter, stickers and anything else that’s needed to create a masterpiece

Outdoor toys

Getting the kids away from technology isn’t as easy as it sounds, so why not get them back outdoors with some traditional garden games and outdoor toys? A football complete with goal set for the garden will always raise a smile, or maybe something like a new swing set that will bring them enjoyment for years to come. 

Something for their curiosity

Do you have a budding scientist at home? Or someone that’s curious about the world we live in? Science toys are always a big hit for those looking for big answers. A microscope is fun to use and experiment with. As are things like magnifying glasses or a minibeast hunting/pond dipping kit to aid your little explorer on their next adventure. You can also purchase science experiment kits in various themes for children of all ages. 


How about something to introduce them to a little music? You could go all out and treat them to an instrument complete with lessons. Or for the younger ones, spoil them with a music box filled with everything from a mini xylophone to maracas, a good drum and even a recorder – if you dare! 


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