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Ghost-A-House Introduces a New Tradition for Halloween

Ghost-a-House (5)We are excited to share with you the launch of Ghost-A-House, a ghosting activity kit. Similar to the popular Halloween activity known as “You’ve been Ghosted” or “You’ve been Boo-ed!,” this ghosting activity kit offers a terrifyingly good time that is sure to spook some great family memories.
The 26-piece Ghost-A-House kit includes a 10-piece LED ghost kit, 12 door hangers, a goodie bag, website trackable tag and chain, a ghostly mission sheet and instructions to play.

How Ghost-A-House Works
The game starts with the creation of your Ghost who eerily glows from a hidden LED light.Your ghost is one of a kind so be sure to give it a name and register its tag number online before you fill out the Ghostly Mission sheet (for example: I want my ghost to go visit everyone in my son’s third grade class). Up to 12 friends can be listed for your ghost to haunt. Assemble your ghost, load the goodie bag, add some treats and attach the registration tag and you are ready to sneak up to your friend’s doorstep with a ghost and treat bag to ring and run before being spotted! Each person in turn delivers the Ghost and the goodie bag to the next friend on the list until everyone in the group has been “ghosted” – a friendly trick that comes with a treat!

All your ghosted friends can go online to discover who ghosted them and see their homes on Ghost Radar. With hands-on crafting and a goodie bag of treats, Ghost-A-House will become your new favorite Halloween tradition!
Ghost-a-House (1)
Ghost-a-House (2)
Ghost-a-House (3)

Visit to see a video demo to see the Ghost Radar in action. Ghost-A-House spooks stores this fall and can be purchased at many local toy specialty or gift stores, or online at Amazon, and

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