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Fun Toys: Top 5 Best Drones for Kids

It is more than obvious that drones have become very popular all over the world, mostly because they are now widely available and affordable, and are quite easy to use. However, the more serious models that are used for aerial filming, are considered as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, so a license and registration is required. They are also a bit more complicated to use and have a serious learning curve, and cost a small fortune.

However, there are so many smaller, simpler, cheaper, and registration free models available on the market, which even children can control pretty much right out of the box. And, it is just a matter of time, if it didn’t happen already, that some kid in the neighborhood shows up with a shiny new drone and all the other kids start bugging their parents to buy them a drone, including your kid as well.

This is actually a great thing because the drones are fun toys and kids can learn a lot of things such as aerodynamics, understanding of radio waves and frequencies, batteries and electric current, electronics, which are pretty useful things to know, right? Who knows, maybe your child becomes so interested in this that one day it decides to start a cool DIY quadcopter project on its own.

But, how can you as a parent, know which model is suitable for kids? There are so many different models, and not all the cheap ones are good. Fear not, we are here to help, and show you the top 5 best drones for kids, which offer great price to performance ratio, so that your kid stays interested and happy with it for a long time.


Top 5 Drone Models for Kids


As promised, here are the best of the best models for kids. They are all more than affordable, really easy to use, and what is most important, they are safe to use, and since their size and weight is in the toy-grade range, you won’t need to register it and the Drone Operator license is not required.


1. Eachine E011 Mini Quadcopter

Okay, we will start with the one that is pretty much safe to use even by toddlers. Yes, you read it right, even toddlers, if they show interest, will be capable of taking off with this micro drone, it’s that simple to use.

Now, this is actually a hard-core basic drone model made for indoor flights, without any fancy features like altitude control, GPS positioning, and all the other bells and whistles. But, that doesn’t make it any less fun. With the Lego Knight, standing on top of the drone, your kids can even do Medi-Evil Joust tournaments, Millennial style! And, what is most important, all 4 motors and blades are surrounded with plastic protectors, so there’s no risk of prop cuts or poked eyes, even though these are small and not that powerful motors and they don’t actually present a serious threat anyway.

Speaking of motors, yes, they are small and don’t offer enough power to lift pretty much anything except the drone and the Lego Knight, but, they still have enough power to carry a small FPV camera (First Person View), meaning that even dads can have fun when the kids are sleeping. So, dads, if you buy this drone for your kid, or drones for kids, make sure you also get a cheap, $20 FPV cam, and FPV goggles, because believe us, flying this little drone in your house, is a completely new level of fun!


2. WLtoys Q353 Aeroamphibious Quadcopter

Unlike the micro Knight Flyer we just talked about, the WLtoys quad is a more serious machine, but still in the toy-grade range. This one is actually more suited for a bit “older” kids, as it has plenty of power, and should be flown responsibly.

Now that we got that out of the way, we can freely say that this toy is a BLAST! Not only that it flies like a quadcopter, but it also floats and runs on water, as well as on the ground (but on flat, even, asphalt). Furthermore, it has enough power to lift and carry an action cam, assuming that you are using a lightweight one, so your kids can even make great, high-quality videos of their flights, and even start aerial photography.

As for the range and flight time, this amphibious drone can stay in the air for about 6 to 7 minutes, and can go some 150 meters away from the controller. Also, the batteries need some hour and a half to be fully recharged, and getting a few spare ones would be a smart thing to do  because this thing is so much fun to sale, drive, or fly, where ever you are.


3. Eachine E52 Selfie Quadcopter

Now this one, is perhaps more suitable for girls, as it the so called Selfie drone model. This means that its main purpose is to snap photos (selfies) of the interesting moments of your kids. However, since its camera has the WiFi streaming ability, it can also be tons of fun for boys as they could actually use it to race against other kids in the park.

Unlike the previous two models we talked about, this one also has an included 2 MP, wide angle camera (not HD, but still decent enough to make nice photos or stream the video signal for FPV flying). Furthermore, it comes with an air pressure sensor, meaning that if holds the altitude automatically when you let go of the throttle stick (or the touchscreen, because you can also control it through a smartphone app). This actually makes snapping photos a whole lot easier, and thanks to its stable flight and hovering, the photos will be clear.

We should also let you know that the arms of this quad are foldable, and when folded, the motors are safely hidden inside the drone, making it highly portable and able to fit a pocket. All in all, this affordable camera drone will surely get your kids extremely excited and popular when they take it out in the park.



4. DM002 5.8G Micro FPV Racing Quadcopter

This one is for the adrenaline loving kids who are fans of the Drone Racing League. It is an ideal model to get them started with FPV Racing as it can reach some serious speeds, comes with a built-in FPV camera, but is till small and lightweight enough not to present any danger to them or people or property around them.

Furthermore, unlike the more serious racing drone models, which are sold as BNF (bind and Fly) meaning that they don’t include the controller in the package, this one has quite a decent, bigger, beginner controller that will allow them to get the hang of freestyle and FPV drone flying.

The range of this little speedster is some 100 meters, and the flight time is some 7 minutes. But, we should let you know that this is partially a DIY model because it doesn’t come assembled right out of the box. However, it has Plug and Play parts, which means that the parts only need to be snapped in together, no soldering needed, and it is an extremely easy and simple process.

This fact, actually, makes this model great because your kids will learn about the parts, and understand better how drones and radio control function.



5. Eachine E56 Selfie Quadcopter

Another foldable and highly pportable Selfie model, but with a stylish, modern twist. It has pretty much all the same functions as the other Selfie model we talked about above, but comes with an innovative, one-hand-control gravity controller. For those who are used to the traditional two stick controllers, this one might take some time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize that this way of control is actually easier and more effective as one of your hands is free to hold the camera or the phone while you fly the drone.

As for the features and flight characteristics this model offers, we can just say that it has quite a good camera that can shoot in 720p and take crystal clear images, thanks to its good quality camera, and the altitude hold sensor, which allows stable flights and hovering. Also, the range is quite decent as it can go some 100 meters away from the controller, and stay in the air for 7 to 8 minutes.



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