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Fun Activities for Parent-Child Bonding

Spending quality time with your child as they grow up is essential for development and well-being. Children need their parents’ attention and approval, and it’s vital to provide them with both. When the kids reach their adulthood and have their own family, their childhood memories will guide them as they raise their own children.

To bond with your child, you should go beyond eating dinner together, helping them do their homework, and doing chores. Spend time together, and nurture your relationship with them by doing these fun bonding activities.

Reading Books

Every parent has probably heard about the Mozart effect, which says that listening to classical music while the mother is pregnant makes the baby smarter, but science has proven that the effect is myth.

Classical music (or music in general) has positive effects on children. However, if you want to let your kid exercise their brains, stimulate their imagination, and develop their understanding of the world, you should read with them regularly.

Exposing children to reading, especially at a young age, has many known benefits, including helping enhance their language skills, critical thinking, thirst for knowledge, and concentration, among others. With the right stories, reading can be an incredibly enjoyable activity you can do with your child.

You add extra fun by using pictures, doing voices, adding sound effects, and acting out exciting scenes. Or you spend a pleasant afternoon in the library with your kids. You can get them their own library card, explore the area, and let them attend storytelling activities.

Doing Arts and Crafts

You don’t leave your home or spend a lot to do arts and crafts with your kid. There isn’t a lot of preparation as well. All you need are your all-time favorite craft supplies and yourselves, and you’re all set!

You can find a ton of arts and crafts resources on the internet to try out with your kid. Or you can get creative and use whatever you have in the house to make something unique. Your output doesn’t have to be museum-worthy. What’s important is that you and your kid have fun in the process.

Singing Songs

Bonding with your kid doesn’t have to be anything fancy or planned. You can just break out in a song (preferably something they know) when you’re stuck in traffic or during a road trip and have your own version of a carpool karaoke.

Or you can play fill in the missing lyrics while you’re waiting for your turn in the drive-through or dropping them off to school. The most mundane things, like doing chores, can be fun too when they’re accompanied by joyful music and dancing.

Baking and Cooking

Like arts and crafts, making food is a fun and productive activity to do with your child. Most kids, if not all, love delicious treats and snacks, and they’ll love it even more if they’re given the chance to create their favorite edibles.

That said, spend a morning or afternoon making pancakes, pizza, cookies, cupcakes, and  a ton of kid-friendly recipes with your child. don’t let your young child handle dangerous kitchen tools, like sharp and scalding objects, though. After making food, you can then enjoy the fruit of your hard work and have more quality time together.

Playing with Your Pet

Spend quality time with your kid while bonding with your other baby, your pet, that is. You can take your child to the park and walk the dog and play fetch. Or you can stay at home and have an exciting game of hide and seek. Training and bathing your pet can also be fun activities you can do with your kid.

Don’t miss the great opportunity to teach your child about animals and encourage them to treat other living things with respect and kindness.

Taking Nature Walks

Spending time in nature is simultaneously relaxing and exciting. Everything in nature soothes your person—the trees,chirping birds, and fresh air. The thought of finding wondrous sights and discovering something new along the way also builds your excitement. And you can share the relaxation and excitement with your child.

Taking a nature walk with your kid helps them get quality exercise that’s good for the body and the mind. Together, you can get away from the distractions of digital media and immerse yourselves in nature sights, sounds, and smells.

Nature hiking is a great opportunity to expose your young kid to wildlife, as well as teach them the principle of leaving no trace. Just make sure to prepare well for your hiking adventure to avoid accidents or dangerous situations.

Going to the Movies

Quality time with your kid doesn’t have to be elaborate. Sometimes, you can simply go out to the closest cinema, buy some popcorn and soda, and enjoy a good movie. If you love watching films, even better because you can share your taste in films with them (as long as the movies are appropriate for their age, of course).

Or you do a movie night at home if you want to save money and be extra comfortable. You and your kid can build a blanket fort in the living room, make some popcorn, and find a good movie to watch on Netflix. For reference, here are 50 great kids’ movies you can watch with your child.

Go on a Picnic

If you’ve been cooped up at home for too long, having an outdoor picnic can be a nice change of pace.Eating delicious food is more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by nature. Pack a checkered mat and some snacks and drinks and head to the nearest nature park in the area.

But you don’t have to go somewhere far to have a nice outdoor picnic. You can also set up a table or mat in your backyard and have a nice little picnic with just you and your kid. You can have a tea party, sing songs, read stories, or simply bask under the sun after eating.

Making Holiday Greeting Cards

With the holidays just around the corner, card making is the perfect parent-child bonding activity to do this season. Stay in this weekend, get cozy with a warm cup of cocoa and a comfy blanket, and spread out your art supplies on the living room floor or kitchen table.

Holiday greeting cards are relatively easy and cheap to make. And you’ll only need the basic school supplies, like colorful A7 cardstock, scissors, glue, crayons, markers, and stickers. You and your child can make as many as you want to give to all your loved ones and try out all sorts of holiday designs for fun.

Final Takeaway

You have to spend as much time as you can with your kids while they’re still young and living with you, because you may  not get the chance anymore when they grow up. They will take their childhood memories with them as they become adults, so give your kids lots of good memories so they have a lot of the happiness to share with children when the time comes.

You don’t have to plan elaborate activities or spend thousands of dollars to spend quality time with your kids. Even the most mundane activities can turn into a memorable parent-child bonding activity when you add fun to them. 

About the Author

Amanda Acuña an influential Mom Blogger created MommyMandy as an online resource to the parenting community. She has four children and they currently reside in Texas.


  1. When my children were younger I am happy to say that we did do a lot of these ideas. I have fond memories of many things. My daughter was a big arts and crafts girl.

  2. The time goes by so fast too. I have one graduating high school and I am really glad I have been able to spend as much time with her as I have.

  3. These are some great ideas. I like the ones that get the kids out in the fresh air and away from the electronic devices for a little while

  4. Your “Final Takeaway” is so true. The most important thing is to spend time with your children. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. However, your list are great suggestions.

  5. All awesome tips. I personally love doing art and craft with my kid. e also love taking nature walk and play ball outside.

  6. It is so important to spend quality time with your child. My daughter and I bond over music and our bulldogs. She is older now and we make it a rule that when we go out to one of our lunches together, phones are put away.

  7. I read to my children regularly and I read their favorites so often I still remember the exact words fifty years later.

  8. These are such great ideas! Making holiday greeting cards would be fun to do, and we can also make them for special occasions as well!

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