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Free Family Tech Educates Parents to the “Right Game for the Right Child”

Education is empowerment and it’s so critical for parents to know what their children are playing, just the same as you’d want to know what they’re watching on TV or doing on the Internet… and now they are doing tablet / phone games…

Again, everyone gets the movie ratings, but the ERSB ratings are more detailed… and they have a free mobile app that enables you to get a concise review as to WHY the game was rated the way it was…

Most folks are familiar with the movie ratings, but they may be less knowledgeable about the six video game ratings… The ESRB can make education easy as a one-stop resource – now featuring mobile / tablet games on their very detailed website – which objectively explains why a game was rated the way it was.

Here are some great tips to think about when selecting games this Holiday Season.

  • The “E” is For Everyone This Holiday     Season – Video games are often included in holiday     parties, the ESRB can help families find “the right game for the right     party” with their free software.
  • Hot Holiday Gifts – Tablets for Kids – Anticipation builds with the launch of the iPad mini and the ESRB has experts who media can turn to for insight into what parents need to be aware of in terms of safety, security and privacy before purchasing a tablet for their child.
  • Time-Saving Holiday Shopping Tips for Parents – The ESRB makes it easy for parents to pick the right games for their kids through its ratings system – even while shopping with its mobile software.
  • The Perfect Addition to Your Holiday Gift Coverage – ESRB can also weave in tips on parental controls with the Wii U launching during the holiday season.
  • To Grandmother’s House We Go – On long road trips, parents often keep kids occupied with mobile games on their devices. While it’s important that the games are entertaining, its also vital parents know how these games are rated…

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