24 Mouthwatering Foods That Start with M: Delicious Journey

Oh, the wonderful world of dishes and the delicious vibration of taste, emotions and feelings that are revealed through the letters of the alphabet. Today, it’s time for a scrumptious trip through the list of foods that start with M, a consonant that sounds like a cute note in the chorus of food notes.

New bests with old familiar faces and distant treasures will surely make every foodie’s taste buds come alive and reignite your adoration for food. Therefore let’s be bamboozled into embracing foods with an ‘M’ and explore what we value on the plate.

Twenty-Five Sweet Meals to Sample

Here is a list of foods that start with M so that we can exploit them If there is one thing that people have always loved when it comes to foods, it is the many options they have.

Insert These Values in Table

Macaroni Mangoes Marshmallows Meatballs Mushrooms
Muffins Mulberries Mussels Meatloaf Milk
Melons Marzipan Mascarpone Mochi Muesli
Meat Pies Meatballs Maple Syrup Matzo Macadamia Nuts
Manchego Morels Mole Molasses Mirin
Maraschino Cherries Mackerel Mango Chutney Malt Vinegar Malted Milk Balls
Manicotti Maltesers Malt Loaf Maltodextrin Malt Whisky
Mandarin Oranges Mangosteens Mango Lassi Mamey Sapote Mamón Chino
Marjoram Malanga Malawah Malt Beer Mamool
Maraschino Liqueur Mamey Sapote Mameyes Malanga Root Malindo Chicken Curry
Malt Bread Malt Powder Malted Milk Shakes Malvavisco Mamón Tostón
Margarine Mayhaw Berries Mastic Malt Extract Malt Vinegar
Marionberry Margarita Marzipan Stollen Malt Loaf Malta
Marmalade Marrowfat Peas Masala Chai Malt Milkshake Maltaise Sauce
Marmite Marrons Glacés Masarepa Malt Whiskey Malt Ball
Mashed Potatoes Marinated Artichokes Mascarpone Cheesez Maltodextrin Malt Powder
Matzah Marinara Sauce Matcha Powder Malt Loaf Malt Vinegar
Mayonnaise Marionberry Maultaschen Malt Loaf Cake Malt Vinegar
Mezze Platter Marmalade Mavromatika Malt Beer Mamey Sapote
Minestrone Soup Marrow Bone Mead Malt Vinegar Maltese Bread

1. Macaroni

Source: mommymandy.com

While not an elaborate and exceptional type of pasta, this has been a regular feature that has been used in many societies across the world at different times. From the simple homely macaroni and cheese that can comfort the soul to mouth-watering pasta salads with ripe tomatoes, fresh cucumbers and zesty dressing to the cheesy baked pastas that one can hardly get enough of- macaroni is one versatile food that can be prepared into various meals that can warm ones heart.

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2. Mango


Mangoes, the exotic fruits are surroundings s repls for breath takers duly taking birth on the tropical surfaces. The fruit is incredibly tender, with bright red-orange pulp as the head and, holding it in their hands, you’ll have the feeling of relaxing at the seaside. When ripe the mango makes one have a buttery feel in the mouth while the fruit having slightly sweet, sometimes naturally so, and slightly acidic taste.

3. Marshmallow

Source: mommymandy.com

Soft and fluffy like cotton balls and with a nostalgic hazelnut flavor, marshmallows are true comfort food. It is given that these cloud-like confectionery items have warmed the hearts (and tongues) of generations by recalling happy memories of childhood days through roasting them over crackling fires while in camps or through enjoying warm cups of cocoa with them in cold nights.

Categorized in single serve snacks that can also be added to desserts of various sorts, marshmallows truly make one smile with every sugar rush in every bite.

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4. Meatballs

Source: mommymandy.com

Tasty, delicious, and suitable for any meal or party, meatballs should be considered as a standard dish. Fondant-like and made from ground meat, herbs and spices, these soft balls can be gently cooked in succulent layer of tomato sauce till soft and tender for a classic Italian meal or miniature canapés for parties. Whether to put in pasta dishes, serve with bread, or have them plain, meatballs are perfect comfort food that will always quell hunger.

5. Mushrooms

Source: mommymandy.com

From the button that we usually encounter in our daily fast foods to the flavorsome and meaty Portobello, these are the real and flexible chefs. Undeniably the most unique of ingredients, mushrooms possess the lingering manly Chester Umo complex, which plays an integral role in infusing further depth to foods’ tastes. Retrquirrelized with garlic butter or baked with herbs they turn into a basic yet delicious side dish, simmered and sliced with the rich sauce they turn into a rich, creamy side dish which best goes with tender meat cuts.

6. Muffins

Source: mommymandy.com

Delicious, yummy and versatile, muffins are favored in breakfast, brunch, tea, merenda, mid morning snack, break time snack and even dinner. From the traditional blueberry and lemon-poppyseed to the sinful double chocolate chip and the top-studded streusel coffee cake muffins, the best quick breads can now be enjoyed in so many different varieties. Fragrant and fresh from the oven, their soft, fluffy interiors and thin caramelized layers on top, these sandwiches are best eaten with a cup of coffee or tea.

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7. Mulberries

Source: mommymandy.com

Nature has gifted us these small, mysteriously and deliciously tart-sweet fruits as mulberries, which bright up the appearance of whatever they adorn. While these berries are tiny, they possess an amazing taste that is somewhere between sour and sweet, yet delicate. Sometimes they burst on salads for a twinkle, sometimes they form a part of yogurts or ice creams for a surprise, and sometimes they help thicken flavorsome sauces and glazes in savory recipes.

8. Mussels

Source: mommymandy.com

These sea-based delicacies are really a good example of how amazing tasty meals can be if you use only amazing ingredients? They are soft, juicy, and numerous dishes can be prepared from them, from the traditional steamed mussels with wine, garlic, and herbs to freshly tossed mussels Thai coconut milk curry and Mediterranean tomato-based sauces. The food is provided as a metaphor for the sea and life and a call to enjoy life with its small pleasures.

9. Meatloaf

Source: mommymandy.com

The meatloaf is easily one of the most iconic foods out there and it’s sweet, comforting, and so easy to make. This dish is all about the basics – it demonstrates that with certain ingredients and their right combination you can easily get a warm and lovely meal. Fragmented ground meat, warm spices, and sharp notes of tomatoes unite in a show-stopping combination to reminisce about warm family meals.

10. Milk

Source: mommymandy.com

Silky smooth, on the other hand, thick, and substantive, milk is an essential component of a great variety of dishes worldwide. This substance may not sound much, but for many gourmet dishes, a little helps to give velvety béchamel sauces or luscious custards, smooth ice creams, or frothy lattes. Whether as an ingredient in savory dishes to balance flavors and add further layers of flavor, or in sweet dishes to thicken and enhance their smoothness, milk is an ingredient whose exploitation pushes the potential of flavors and textures to new heights.

11. Melons

Source: mommymandy.com

Delicate, invigorating and naturally sweet, melons are cozy companions of summer time all around the world. From the vivid green lines of a succulent watermelon to the sweet smell of an orange ripe melon, these fruits are juicy entities that provide a nice and refreshing smooth and tasteful addition to the sunny days. Best served cold and well-sliced, for a very basic but delicious meal or use in preparing exotic cocktails, salads and even hot meals, as adding a sharp contrast of sweet flesh to commonly savored salty dishes does miracles.

12. Marzipan

Source: mommymandy.com

This is a deliciously sweet morsel of almond, combining both taste and smell in one delightful treat. This confectionery is made from ground almonds and sugar combined with rosewater or any other flavors that will do for the preparation of this food item and then shaped pleasantly in ways that would be embarrassing to chew on. However, its real value comes in its versatility, which serves as the base in the preparation of sweet pastries, cakes and chocolates; providing a rich nutty taste and moist, almost synthetic feel.

13. Mascarpone

Source: mommymandy.com

This Italian version is specially soft and creamy, and has a splendid, almost velvety texture. Silky-smooth and just hinting at sweetness, mascarpone gives dishes an almost unrivalled depth and creaminess – whether you’re using it in puddings or pasta. In traditional pastries including tiramisu, it is turned to as the rich base for alternating layers of coffee marinated ladyfingers and cocoa powder. But it does work wonders in more savoury dishes, for instance, when used to enrich sauces, dips, as well as the cheese mixture to fill ravioli or cannelloni.

14. Mochi

Source: mommymandy.com

These sweets, made from rice powder, are tropical traditional candies from Japan as sweet as they sound. Enjoying a humble place in Japanese cuisine, mochi are incredibly soft, pliable and versatile mouthfuls of deliciousness. Be it red bean or sweet azuki, matcha green tea or mango; the gel-like substance inside these pouches is simply amazing, taking you straight to the heart of Tokyo with those mouthfuls of joy.

15. Muesli

Source: mommymandy.com

Today, the most famous variants of a healthy and tasty breakfast are muesli – a very tasty and healthy dish, indeed. It is a delicious dish made from rolled oats, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds which gives it a good crispy and tasty nutty package that will definitely provide energy throughout the day. Be it with milk or yogurt or on top of fruits and honey, muesli is tasty and healthful for those who wish to kick-start their morning with something delicious.

16. Meat Pies

Meat Pies
Source: mommymandy.com

A rich flaky pastry with juicy tender meat and vegetable stuffing is something you would certainly not want pass up on while enjoying a delicacy of a meat pie. These little foods can be said to be the best form of comfort in many consumption cultures as they provide a convenient and delicious dining option in one tasty yummy bite. From the traditional English steak and ale pie to the hot spicy curried filling of any Indian samosa, this pie is one that is loved by many and never leaves a taste in your mouth that does not want to be filled.

17. Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup
Source: mommymandy.com

Maple syrup, the thick, golden nectar, always in a bottle, is an all-purpose ingredient, essential in almost every recipe that is intended to have a heartwarming, rich, and all-naturally sweet taste. A natural product procured from the maple trees native to North America, this amber liquid is actually popular as a topping ingredient in various breakfast meals such as pancakes and waffles or as a topping in personal favorites being oatmeal or yogurt-parfait. But, it is not restricted to use in breakfast instead it enhance the taste and have a rich caramel like feel on sauces, coatings and even in beverages.

18. Matzo

Source: mommymandy.com

Matzo is prepared from flour and water without using yeast, making it flat and a little crisp in terms of texture and is an important Jewish dietary product that has both historical and religious associations. Throughout Passover , the traditional seven days + an extra day in each of the next two years, this basic dough produced from flour and water is the foundation in numerous meals including matzo soup, matzo breakfast, and even matzo pizza. However, matzo is not exclusive to the holiday, it has become a conventional product, which can be used in sweet and savory dishes due to its bypass flavor and cracker-like consistency.

19. Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia Nuts
Source: mommymandy.com

However, melt-in-your-mouth and quite simply irresistible, macadamia nuts are truly Mother Nature’s little gems. These precious nuts, prized today for their smooth and slightly sweet and creamy taste, will give any dish, be it sweet or savoury, an elegant, gourmet finish. From the more traditional white chocolate macadamia nut cookies to the nutty pesto sauces and the delightful crunch of macadamias transformed salad toppings, these nuts accentuate the flavors of other foods while bringing out a delicious, wholesome depth to the texture of every food item. The smooth crescent shapes have a rich, coconut taste and a crispy texture and are enjoyed by themselves as well as in island-themed recipes.

20. Manchego

Source: mommymandy.com

This spanish cheese is simply unique having somewhat a sweet taste as well as having a sort of stiffer creamy body which is par excellence. Peculiar to manchego, it becomes more enriched in flavours, attaining a hard-nutty taste just before attaining a sharp note that balances the buttery texture of the cheese. From tastings individually as a cheese topper or thinly carved and added to salads or melted into sauces and dips, manchego provides a delicious punch to any food related mission.

21. Morels

Source: mommymandy.com

A true delight of the mushroom kingdom, morels have a unique honeycomb like structure and possess a robust and musky taste. These are delicate fungi with a rich, nutty flavor and a firm texture that can help make any meal they are combined with more flavorful and interesting. Tender and juicy, sautéed with butter, garlic, and fresh herbs, they become simply divine, while their form and delicate structure add sophistication to risottos, pastas, elaborate sauces, and even tarts.

22. Mole

Source: mommymandy.com

Mole is an authentic Mexican creation that is actually a very piquant sauce comprised of chiles, spices, nuts and, in many cases, chocolate. Every type of mole, starting with the most famous mole poblano and ending with the black mole, has a uniquely strong and complex taste achieved by using chiles, nuts, and, surprisingly, chocolate. Whether slow-cooked to achieve succulent proteins or savored as a rich sauce for enchiladas, mole represents the creativity and history of Mexican food.

23. Molasses

Source: mommymandy.com

Thick, rich and very sweet, molasses is one of the most aromatic and versatile products. This thick, sticky liquid is a residue of sugar manufacturing and can enhance the taste and texture of baked foods, sauces, and even drinks. From the characteristic gumminess of gingerbread cookies, and to the rich, robust sweetness of baked beans and barbecue sauces, molasses is a flavouring agent that stands on its own. Its rich flavor and thick, sticky texture make it a useful component in a wide range of dishes, sweet and savory.

24. Mirin

Source: mommymandy.com

This type of rice wine from Japan can be used in several Asian cocktails, adds a unique taste to a dish as it flavor the entire meal. A subtle flavored rice wine with a more reserved fruitiness, mirin also possesses the capacity to compliment and intensify other tastes, which is why it is used in marinades, sauces, and glazes. In teriyaki glaze that forms the crust on the grilled proteins, in the savory dipping sauces for dumplings or shrimp, mirin casts a spell with its gentle nuances and balances the bounty of flavors leaving a lingering finish.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the survey of mouthwatering foods that start with M that we can find around the world shows that the possibilities are virtually endless and quite delicious. How about going on an gastronomic journey through snack time movies and global treats?

The letter M has it all. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a sugar baby that’s hungry for something with substance, this treat feast does not disappoint. Thus, whenever you have this urge to try out something new in the line of food, this recipe compilation of some of the delicious dishes with ‘M’ at their head will take your taste buds on a culinary journey like no other.

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