30 Knockout Foods That Start With K to Tempt Your Taste Buds


Are you ready to kickstart your taste buds with a kaleidoscope of flavors? Embark on a culinary adventure and expand your palate with our comprehensive guide to foods that start with K. From the familiar to the exotic, these ‘K’ foods offer a variety of tastes and textures that cater to every type of food lover. Whether you’re a gourmet guru or a curious cook, this list will introduce you to some novel ingredients and perhaps remind you of beloved classics. So, let’s dive into the delicious and diverse world of ‘K’ foods!

Foods That Start With K

The letter ‘K’ is not just the eleventh letter of the alphabet; it’s a treasure trove of scrumptious eats that can transform your meals from mundane to magnificent. Here’s a taste of the culinary delights that feature ‘K’ as their initial:

1. Kulfi

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Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice cream made from evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream. It’s often flavored with cardamom, saffron, and pistachio nuts for a rich, dense texture. Unlike Western ice creams, kulfi is not churned, resulting in a unique, creamy frozen dessert that melts slowly in the mouth.

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2. Kasha

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Kasha is a type of porridge made from buckwheat groats that have been roasted to bring out their nutty flavor. It’s a staple in Eastern European cuisine and can be served as a side dish, often with onions and mushrooms, or used as a filling for knishes or blintzes.

3. Kiwi

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This emerald delight is not only pleasing to the eye but also a powerhouse of nutrients. Bursting with a sweet and tangy flavor, kiwi is a refreshing addition to fruit salads, desserts, and smoothies.

4. Kale

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A celebrated superfood, kale’s rich, earthy leaves are a versatile ingredient that can be sautéed, baked into chips, or massaged into vibrant salads. Its high nutritional value makes it a favorite among health enthusiasts.

5. Ketchup

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Where would our fries, burgers, and hot dogs be without ketchup? This tomato-based condiment is a staple in kitchens worldwide, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity to a myriad of dishes.

6. Katsu

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Katsu is a Japanese dish that refers to meat that has been breaded and deep-fried. The most common types are chicken katsu and tonkatsu (pork katsu). It’s often served sliced with a side of cabbage and drizzled with a thick, sweet sauce called tonkatsu sauce. It can also be served over rice in a dish called katsudon, with an egg and onions.

7. Kombucha

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Fermented from tea, kombucha has taken the health world by storm. Its slightly tangy taste and effervescence make it not only a gut-friendly choice but also a trendy alternative to sugary drinks.

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8. Korma

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This creamy and aromatic curry hails from the Indian subcontinent, often prepared with yogurt, cream, nuts, and a blend of spices that will transport your senses to another world.

9. Kugel

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A comfort food hailing from Eastern European Jewish tradition, kugel is a baked pudding that can be sweet or savory, made with noodles or potatoes, and often graced with a crispy, golden crust.

10. Kava

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Known for its calming effects, kava is a beverage made from the ground roots of the kava plant, enjoyed in many Pacific Island cultures. Its earthy taste is an acquired one, but its relaxing properties are universally appreciated.

11. Kabocha

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Often referred to as Japanese pumpkin, kabocha squash boasts a sweet, nutty flavor that is perfect for roasting, pureeing for soups, or stuffing with grains and meats. Its vibrant orange flesh is not only delicious but also loaded with beta-carotene, vitamins, and fiber.

12. Kohlrabi

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A member of the cabbage family, kohlrabi is a sputnik-shaped vegetable with a mild, sweet flavor that hints at apple and radish. It can be eaten raw, adding a crunchy element to salads, or cooked to bring out its sweeter side in stir-fries and soups.

13. King Crab

King Crab
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Prized for its large, meaty legs, king crab is a delicacy from the cold waters of the Arctic. Its sweet, tender flesh makes it a sought-after ingredient for seafood feasts, whether it’s simply steamed and dipped in butter or used in sophisticated dishes like crab cakes and bisques.

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14. Kale Chips

Kale Chips
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When baked until crispy, kale transforms into a snack that’s both healthy and addictive. Seasoned with just a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt, kale chips offer a guilt-free alternative to potato chips that’s rich in vitamins A, C, and K.

15. Kumquat

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This tiny citrus fruit is unique in that you eat the whole thing—skin and all. The sweet rind and tart flesh combine for a burst of flavor that’s excellent in marmalades, desserts, or as a zesty addition to salads and cocktails.

16. Kangkong

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Also known as water spinach, kangkong is a leafy vegetable that’s popular in Southeast Asian cuisine. It has long, hollow stems and green leaves that are both tender and crisp. Kangkong can be stir-fried with garlic, chili, and shrimp paste or used in soups and stews. It’s a good source of vitamins A and C, iron, and other nutrients.

17. Kaffir Lime Leaves

Kaffir Lime Leaves
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An essential ingredient in Southeast Asian cooking, kaffir lime leaves impart a bright, citrusy aroma that cannot be easily substituted. They’re often used in curries, soups like Tom Yum, and to flavor rice and sauces.

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18. Knaidlach

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These are traditional Jewish dumplings made from matzo meal, eggs, and fat. Often served in chicken soup, knaidlach are a comforting food that’s especially popular during Passover.

19. Kaiserschmarrn

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A fluffy shredded pancake that hails from Austria, Kaiserschmarrn is dusted with powdered sugar and served with fruit compotes or jams. Its name translates to “Emperor’s Mess,” a nod to its royal origins and rustic appearance.

20. Kasseri

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This semi-hard cheese made from sheep’s milk is a staple in Greek cuisine. With its smooth texture and tangy taste, Kasseri is excellent for grilling, as it holds its shape well, making it perfect for saganaki.

21. Kvass

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A traditional Slavic and Baltic beverage made from rye bread, kvass is fermented and known for its slightly sour taste. It’s often flavored with fruits or herbs and enjoyed as a refreshing, low-alcohol drink during the summer months.

22. Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans
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Named for their shape, these beans are a staple in chili con carne and are also popular in salads and stews. Kidney beans are a great source of plant-based protein, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals.

23. Kolache

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Originating from Central Europe, kolaches are pastries made of a yeast dough and filled with fruits, poppy seeds, or cheese. In the United States, they have become particularly popular in Texan cuisine.

24. Kokum

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Derived from the fruit of the Garcinia indica tree, kokum is used in Indian cuisine for its tangy flavor and purplish color. It’s often found in coastal curries and drinks, acting as a souring agent similar to tamarind.

25. Kielbasa

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This Polish sausage is a versatile ingredient that can be enjoyed on its own or added to dishes like stews, casseroles, and soups. It’s known for its garlicky flavor and can be found smoked or fresh.

26. Kipper

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A kipper is a whole herring that has been split and smoked, a process that imparts a strong, savory flavor. Kippers are traditionally served for breakfast in the UK, often paired with bread and butter.

27. Kirsch

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A clear, colorless fruit brandy traditionally made from double distillation of morello cherries. Kirsch is used in fondue, desserts like Black Forest cake, and as a digestif.

28. Kedgeree

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This is a British colonial dish that traces its origins back to Indian cuisine. Kedgeree is made from flaked fish (traditionally smoked haddock), cooked rice, parsley, hard-boiled eggs, curry powder, and occasionally sultanas or cream. It’s a hearty, savory dish often enjoyed as a breakfast or brunch option, reflecting the fusion of British and Indian culinary traditions.

29. Kimchi

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A staple in Korean cuisine, kimchi is a traditional side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables, most commonly napa cabbage and Korean radishes, with a variety of seasonings including chili powder, scallions, garlic, ginger, and jeotgal (salted seafood). Kimchi is rich in vitamins A and B, and it contains lactobacilli, a beneficial bacteria found in many fermented foods. It’s a versatile condiment that can be eaten on its own or used in countless dishes, from stews to pancakes.

30. Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie
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Hailing from the Florida Keys, key lime pie is an American dessert made of key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk in a pie crust, typically topped with meringue or whipped cream. The pie has a tart and creamy filling, with a distinctive lime flavor that comes from the small, aromatic key limes. It’s a refreshing treat perfect for hot summer days or to bring a taste of the tropics to any meal.


Foods that start with K have revealed a rich tapestry of tastes and traditions. From the nutrient-packed kale to the comforting kugel, each ‘K’ food offers something unique to the table. We invite you to keep this list handy as you continue your culinary explorations and perhaps integrate some of these ‘K’ foods into your next meal. Bon appétit!

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