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Five Ways to Make Your Vehicle Safer for Your Children

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A lot goes into making sure your vehicle is safe to drive onthe road. You should get regular oil changes, clean your windshield, and makesure your tires are full of air, but if you’re traveling with little ones inthe back, you’ve got even more to do.

You can worry less about buckling your children in the backseat when you follow the tips on this list.

Avoid Dangerous Drivers on the Road

Most parents drive more cautiously than non-parents. Itmakes sense that parents want to slow down and keep their children safe in theback seat! Unfortunately, you can’t control how other people drive on the road.

Avoidingdangerous drivers on the road means giving yourself more space between youand erratic drivers. In addition, passing poor drivers on the interstate safelyand quickly can keep everyone in your car safer.

It’s also a good idea to drive with an offensive state ofmind. For example, even if you don’t have a stop sign, it’s a good idea toapproach every intersection with caution. Not everyone is paying attention tothe road like you are!

Use the Right Car Seat

It’s absolutely vital that you use the right carseat for your child. That includes using the proper car seat for your babyand toddler, but to the surprise of many parents, it means using a car seat or abooster seat for older children too.

Children under the age of 13 should sit in the back seat, nomatter how much they may want to sit in the front. Air bags can be extremelydangerous to young children.

Fortunately, they won’t have to use a booster seat at 13.Boosters should be used underneath children who are between four and 8 yearsold until they reach a height of 4 ft. 9 in. tall.

It also means installing the car seat correctly and buying abrand new seat. You don’t want to find out the seat you picked up for a stealhas already been in an accident, compromising its ability to protect yourchild.

Set Them up for the Ride Before You Get Behind the Wheel

Children can be demanding. Their demands don’t stop justbecause you’re behind the wheel! Unfortunately, meeting their demands whenyou’re driving down the road can cause an accident.

Make sure your kids are set up and ready to go before youhit the road. That might mean doing things like:

  • Double checking to make sure they arecomfortable
  • Giving them their favorite toy or stuffed animal
  • Starting a movie before you hit the road
  • Putting a drink in their cup holder

Be cautious givingsnacks in the car. You don’t want your child to choke while you’re driving.Only give snacks that don’t pose a choking hazard to your child, like applesauce.

Never Leave Your Kids Alone in the Car

You know the dangers of forgetting your child in thebackseat of the car on a hot day, but you shouldn’tleave your child unattended no matter what the weather or circumstances.You would never be able to forgive yourself if you accidentally locked yourchild in the car, or if they started choking while you’re in the gas station.

The keyword is “unattended.” If you’re pumping gas, puttingair in the tires, or have to return the grocery cart a few parking spaces away,you can leave your child be.

Focus on the Road

It’s obvious that you should focus on the road when you’rebehind the wheel. The trouble is, it’s easy to get comfortable behind thewheel, and before you know it, you’re doing things while you’re driving thatyou shouldn’t.

Don’t engage in distracteddriving, especially if you have little ones in the back seat. That meansavoiding things like:

  • Talking on the phone
  • Texting
  • Changing your destination on GPS
  • Changing your Spotify playlist
  • Leaning into the back seat to reach something

It also means avoiding important interactions with yourchildren when you’re driving. Reprimanding them from the front seat can put youall in danger. Instead, pull over to discuss their transgression, as well as properbehavior in the car.

Being safe on the road is important no matter what your age,but it’s especially important for parents with young children in the back seat.Make sure they’re safe with these tips, and you’ll feel more at ease every timeyou get behind the wheel of your car.


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