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Five Ways To Make Your Home Safe For Toddlers

It’s a truly exciting time when your child starts to walk, a milestone that every parent cherishes. Taking their first steps of independence, it won’t be long before you’re spending hours chasing after them around the house. As toddlers can be quite unstable at that age, you’ll soon realize they cling on to anything and everything in sight while wobbling from A to B. Crawling up the stairs will be next on the agenda followed swiftly by mountain climbing the cupboards.

The most important thing for parents to remember during this stage of development is to create a safe and secure space for your toddler to explore. Before your child finds their feet, walk around every room in the house and write a list of areas and items that need to be baby proofed. It’ll bring great peace of mind to you as a parent and prevent any accidents from occurring.

Buy Some Stair Gate

It’s a fact of life that you can’t keep an eye on your child every minute of the day, and every parent has definitely experienced that stomach-churning feeling when the ‘one minute they’re there and the next minute they’re not’ moment happens. Your toddler’s new found freedom will undoubtedly draw them to the stairs where it’s easy to take a pretty serious tumble.

Investing in some stair gates will resolve this issue immediately but can also be used in gateways and doors. Close off certain areas of the house that could be risky to your toddlers. Rooms like the kitchen have sharp objects and electrical appliances in every cupboard so it might be easier to block the whole area off instead.

Fix Padding to Sharp Corners and Edges

Toddlers have plenty of falls while learning to walk and will generally bounce right back up. A few minor bumps and bruises along the way should not be too concerning, but sharp edges should be softened to avoid greater injuries. Securing this area of your home is easy to do yourself once corner and edge protectors have been purchased as most come with a double-sided adhesive and DIY guides of how to secure them properly. Be sure to cover every piece of furniture you can think of. Mount Your Television

Reaching out for support as they stand up, your child will cling on to anything within reach, and this includes the television. This household item is not often thought to be a risk by many parents but is definitely on the list if it’s within your child’s reach. Move your television from a floor stand to the wall, removing risk and tidying cables out of the way.

As televisions are heavy objects to secure, this area of safety proofing is best left to the professionals. TV mounting services such as Riverside TV mounting will be able to fix it to the wall securely without the worry of it falling down. Taking this task on yourself and not completing it properly is just an accident waiting to happen.

Lock Medicines and Cleaning Products Away

A characteristic of an infant growing up is the desire to grab everything within arm’s length and put it in their mouth. Most of the time its hygiene you have to worry about or the size of the object in case it’s small enough to swallow, however, you’ll need to think about household items closed behind cupboard doors when they start to walk. A toddler can easily open the cupboard under the kitchen sink and grab the bathroom cleaning spray or dishwasher tablets. Consider where you keep your medicine box at home as if it’s within your child’s reach it could be fatal. Cabinet locks are the best way to prevent this and can be easily purchased online for very little money.

Cover the Fireplace

Even if you have a log burner without an open flame, fireplaces are an obvious hazard around the home. Purchasing a fireguard and setting a safe perimeter around a fire will ensure no accidents occur.

Adding these safety accessories to your home way seem a little over the top at first and may put a dampener on the aesthetics of your interior, however, you’ll be thankful in the long run and will avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room which can be so stressful. Building a safe haven for your child to roam around and play will bring joy to everyone in the family during this brilliant milestone adventure.

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