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Fight Winter Colds with First Aid Shot Therapy

Fight Winter Colds with First Aid Shot Therapy (1)

The holidays are a time of over-indulgence and First Aid Shot Therapy provides fast relief for all of life’s aliments…like too many pieces of cheesecake at that holiday party – or one too many cocktails on New Year’s Eve – F.A.S.T. has you covered!!

First Aid Shot Therapy is a line of convenient, FDA-compliant, single-dose liquid medications with you in mind! They help relieve heartburn and hangover pain (they also have a Pain Relief and Cold Relief). They fit conveniently in your suitcase, carry-on bag or purse!! No need to search for pills or spring for an over-priced bottle of water to wash them down.

Fight Winter Colds with First Aid Shot Therapy (3)

First Aid Shot Therapy’s liquid formulas allow for easy consumption and fast relief – and their size allows for easy on-the-go storage. You can learn more at

First Aid Shot Therapy can be purchased at HEB stores or on

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  1. I have these First Aid Shot therapy and have used them to help me with various ailments during the winter months. I like how fast they work and they make me feel better, especially the one for pain!

  2. This is great for traveling, nothing worse then not feeling well while on vacation or visiting friends. I would definitely try these.

  3. I would certainly be willing to make a little space in my suitcase for these on my next trip. Interesting idea.

  4. If they taste alright I might give them a shot. I’m not big on liquids when I can just swallow a tasteless pill lol

  5. I would love to try these out. I don’t like taking all kinds of meds over and over. I would like to see how these work.

  6. Oh these are so neat! I have never seen them before. The Pain Relief and Cold Relief would be so wonderful to try!

  7. Like this idea, especially if kids can use them. I know most hate pills and cannot take them unless liquid

  8. I’ve never heard of this before, but sounds like it would be great for hubby when he’s traveling around.

  9. I have not seen this in the stores where I live. I could use a few of these but the hangover one I would not need as I don’t drink.

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