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Family Fever: Is It Really The Right Time To Have More Kids?

Having a growing and active family can be incredibly addictive. As you’ll know if you’ve got kids of differing ages, it’s terrific having a teen to help out with your toddlers. And, what could be better than knowing that you’ve got years of raising successful kids ahead of you? Yes; some of us get the family fever alright. The trouble is that, no matter how long you think you’ve got with your youngsters, the years have a habit of flying by.

Before you know, the teens who helped raise your toddlers are  adults, and your toddlers aren’t far from teens themselves. In these times, it’s natural to wonder whether more kids could bring the heart back into the family home.

For some families, this kind of growth definitely works. To make sure that’s the case for you, though, it’s first vital to ask yourself the following questions.

#1 – Is your partner on the same page?

Large and generational families are fantastic, but having more kids is never going to work if your partner’s not on board. It takes two to raise a family, after all, and you’ll soon experience trouble if your loved one was planning a few decades of peace after all the hard work. The main thing to do here is to talk. Accept, too, that your partner’s reaction might be ‘no.’ If they don’t want a bigger family, then your plans may have to change. If they want the same thing as you, though, then it’s good news indeed.

#2 – Will your age affect things?

You’ve been busy raising a family, and some of your kids may already be into adulthood. That’s a lot of years since you had your first child, and age can have an impact. In fact, fertility issues are most common in women 35+. There’s no saying you will experience issues, but it’s vital to acknowledge the possibilities. For one, look into any potential lifestyle changes you might need to make. Then, do a little research into assisted conception using resources like this IVF educational video. These steps make sure you go into things with your eyes open and could help your efforts to expand your family down the line.

#3 – Do you have the resources?

You also need to consider the practical aspects of an expanding family. Do you have the space for another baby, for example? Kids often stay home into their twenties now, so it’s no good assuming someone will move out! What’s more, the general cost of having a baby is high, so you need to consider whether your family finances can comfortably fit while still maintaining the lifestyles your other kids are used to. 

No one’s denying that having more kids can put the heart back in your family home, but asking questions like these is vital before you make a decision. That way, you’ll be able to know for sure whether this is the best move, or whether you should embrace your emptying nest. 


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