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Fall Fashion for Toddlers


I absolutely love fall! It is my favorite time of the year. The kids are going back to school in their new outfits. The weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing and it is crock pot season again.

One of my favorite things is picking out some super cute fall outfits for my little ones! You don’t have to spend a lot of money on outfits for little ones. I like to shop the sales and I will also buy a head of time (sometimes)

For little boys:

Jeans –  They go with everything! You can pick up a couple of jeans and you are set all fall long!

Button up Shirts -These shirts you can find in just about every color. Dress them up or down depending on where you may be heading to.

Hats – My little guy is obsessed with hats! He loves to wear them everywhere. So we are just buying him a bunch of toddler size hats to match his shirts.

As you can see Mikey also has to take his Tommee Tippee Pacifier. Look he even picked his Patriotic pacifier to match his shirt.


I just have to share some of my favorite outfits of Shelby’s too! Shelby started preschool this year and between my mother and I we had fun picking out some cute clothes for her.

Honestly, the majority of her clothes came from either Zulily or TJMaxx.

For little girls:

Fun Leggings – Leggings can be paired up with anything. From Tunics to Sweaters, even dresses.

Sweater Dresses –  Again, on cold days you can pair them with leggings or tights.

Sweaters/Sweatshirts -These are pretty much staples for boys and girls. You can see where I paired a white button up shirt under Shelby’s blue sweater.

Comfortable shoes for school – This is a must parents! I took Shelby to the shoe store and let her pick out the Tennis Shoes she liked. so light up sketchers it was.

BOWS – You have to admit her outfit says it all with her adorable bows.


Shelby looks adorable and we do love hitting up the bargain stores or online!

What are some of your favorite Fall Fashions for your Toddler and Preschooler? 



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