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Essentials For Your First Aid Kit

Whether you are sorting a first aid kit for at home or to take out and about with you there are some essentials that you should think about adding to your kit. Some people find it easier to purchase a ready-made first aid kit however by building one yourself you are able to add items in that are tailored to your specific needs. Have a look below at some of the essentials you might want to add to your own supply.


Although these may not be at the top of everyone’s list they should be considered as an essential for any first aid kit that you are building. Tweezers aren’t just for fine artwork or for your beauty regime, they are particularly useful for things such as removing debris and splinters from your skin.


This goes without saying, everyone is aware that having bandages in your kit is important. Although we never plan on using them they are handy and ideal to use in an emergency situation such as spraining a wrist or ankle whilst playing at the park. It’s worth making sure you have a few slings packed too.


Another item that everyone knows is important is the common laster, these are probably some of the most used items in a first aid kit so it’s vitally important that you make sure you are keeping your eye on the level of your supply. It’s worth have some of the larger pads and tape too for them nasty surprises and scrapes. Try making sure you have a variety of sizes, shapes and include some anti-allergen ones for anyone with sensitive skin.

Antiseptic Wipes

When you are dealing with any cuts, scrapes or wounds having antiseptic wipes becomes a must to make sure you are helping to prevent any infections. If you do your research or take part in any first aid course then you will know that you should be cleaning any open skin before adding a bandage, plaster or cream, when you’re out and about you don’t always have clean water to hand so having the wipes packed away really comes in handy.

Ear Supplies

It’s really important for us to take care of our ears and monitor their health so by having tools readily available for use at home and when out about to clean or remove debris from ears such as cotton buds and olive oil can be really useful. People often suffer from different medical problems when it comes to their ears such as tinnitus and these can be a little more difficult to treat without help so looking into tinnitus treatment from Miracle Ear could be something to consider.


When it comes to medications in a home kit, everyone’s is going to different. You can pack and store regular items such as pain killers, calming tablets and hayfever relief but when it comes to personal medications, not one person is likely to have the same combination. If you have regular medications that you take it may be a good idea to build a mini-kit with your personal care included so that it doesn’t get taken by mistake by some who should have it, misplaced or damaged.


It’s a good idea to have some sort of thermometer in any first aid kit, especially if you have young children. As an adult, you can often tell if you have a fever or temperature from the way you are feeling and are quite able to express that you are feeling unwell, whereas with children it’s not as easy so having a tool that can read their temperature will practical and useful for deciding on how best to treat them. There are several different types of thermometer available some as simple as a strip that changed color when pressed on their forehead.


Now we’re not talking about those huge ice packs that you have stored away in the freezer that you only dig out for BBQ’s or picnics we’re on about the compact compression pads that you can activate immediately to supply you with a cold compress. These are a brilliant addition to your self-built kit for using at home or out and about. They’ve not only good for dealing with bumps and bruises but can also be used as a treatment for burns.

Bug Sprays

This might seem like an unusual one to include in a list for a first aid kit however many people are affected by bugs bites especially as the weather is getting warmer. It’s really easy for bug bites to become infected, raised and irritated very quickly so by having a bug spray in your kit you’re helping to combat this happening. It may be worth having a look at some of the bug bite remedies that you could add too as you can get things such as bug bite zappers to instantly relieve the itching from any bite and don’t forget that you can now also get useful items such as bands that have a repellant in them, brilliant for the little ones.


No one likes to get sunburnt yet sunscreen is something that often gets forgotten. As an adult, you have to get on with it and take it on the chin if you’ve gotten burnt as it is your fault at the end of the day however if you have little ones running around it’s highly important that you have sunscreen to hand at all times. By making it part of your first aid kit you are making sure you always have it readily available when it’s needed. Make sure you do your research when thinking about the level of protection needed.


These go without saying, and if you were to buy any pre-packed kit you’re sure to find a pair of disposable gloves. They are essential for making sure that you are able to provide adequate care hygienically.

Do you have any other essentials that should be inside a first aid kit? Please share them in the comments section below.


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