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Essential Gift Guide For The Special Man In Your Life


Dare we say that Christmas is just around the corner? It’s now October, and as much as we don’t want to think about it, Christmas is going to be with us before we know it. As you’re probably already aware, being prepared with gifts for your loved ones saves you from doing any last minute stress shopping, and not being happy with what you’ve got them overall. So, with that thought, here’s an essential gift guide for the special man in your life so that you can wow him this year with more than just a pair of socks.

Get him that game he wants!

Ladies, we all know how annoying it is when you want to spend time with your partner, and they’re just playing computer games instead. However, it’s a way of your man winding down, and much like we use going to the salon as a way of relaxing, playing his computer games is his way of doing so. Notice comments he makes on games and see if you can get him the game he’s been longing for!

Pimp his ride

Most men have a dream car in mind, and while you might not be able to produce a brand new Mustang, you can help make his current car look more appealing. Every man has a teenage boy inside of him and loves the idea of a pimped out ride. Going for something like cherished number plates will make his car more distinctive over regular plates. Other ideas include window tints, matching car seat covers and floor mats, a steering wheel cover and a new set of alloy covers. It’s an effective and fairly inexpensive way of getting your man the perfect gift!

Get something cool for his man cave

Whether it’s the basement, the loft, or even the spare room, men will always find an area of your home to turn into a man cave. Again, it’s a place to retreat after a long day to wind down, so why not buy him something cool for his personal space? TV backlights, led strip lighting, plasma lights, jukeboxes and other retro items can really help turn a room into a proper man cave.

Buy something that both of you will enjoy

A great idea for gift giving is by finding something that both of you will enjoy. Perhaps a weekend away in the south of France sounds like your version of heaven? Or, maybe something for your garden such as a swing seat so that you can both enjoy time together, and get plenty of use out of it too!

Create love vouchers

It’s sometimes really hard to buy gifts for those closest to you, because you know every detail about them. Also, some people are the type to simply buy what they long for, leaving you with no ideas on gifts. Why not make some love vouchers that he can “cash out” as and when he feels like it? Simple tasks like taking over cleaning the car, or trimming the lawn will make the world of difference! And, all you’ll be spending is your time too!

Treat him to a ‘me night’

Finally, we all deserve some time to ourselves every now and then, and the same goes for hubby! Why not buy him a case of his favourite beers, order him a takeaway, and stock him up with films and games so that he can have a night to himself to relax. Gifts don’t always have to be grand gestures, and sometimes the more simple gifts such as time to yourself can really mean the world to someone.


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