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Embrace Tradition: 5 Wood Gift Ideas for Your 5th Anniversary

Five years together is a big deal. It’s certainly a milestone anniversary, which makes it all the more important to show your spouse or partner how much you care. Admittedly, after half a decade together, choosing the perfect gift might get a little more challenging with each passing anniversary. 

This year, however, make it memorable by sticking to tradition. To symbolize the durability of your relationship, present your love with a fifth anniversary gift made from wood. Think wooden picture frames, cuff bracelets, candle holders and more. Sounds pretty romantic, right? 

Now, narrowing down some gift ideas that align with your loved one’s unique tastes — and which honors that five-year anniversary tradition — may be a challenge. Have no fear: From traditional to modern, here is a curated list of some helpful gift ideas that will make any recipient feel special.

1. Grilling Set

For the man in your life, can you really ever go wrong with a grill-related gift? The answer here is rarely. Anyone who enjoys being outside and likes to grill would be thrilled with a new set of grilling utensils with nice, wooden handles. Or, if you want to take your gift-giving up a notch — and live with a barbecue fanatic — do some research to find a smoker that utilizes wood chips and make that your fifth-anniversary gift. That way, your backyard gets a little love, too.

2. Cutting Board

This is a special keepsake that can grace your kitchen for many years to come. You can keep your new cutting board more on the traditional side by purchasing one made from a beautiful, durable wood like maple or walnut. Or, celebrate by having your family name and wedding date engraved. Whichever option you choose, make sure the board is oiled with a food-safe oil that will help preserve it for years to come.

3. Something Unique & Personalized

After something unique and want to add to and complement your home décor? Then you can’t go wrong with some personalized throw pillows, a wall mural, and/or wall art. Indeed, if framing a great photo memory or two is something you’re after, then what better way to celebrate your fifth anniversary than by having your favorite snapshots as a couple printed and beautifully framed? 

Get to work by first sorting through your preferred photos and then narrowing down your list to a few you think best symbolize your lasting couplehood. Next, browse online for fun photo arrangements and templates to create a framed personalized gift. Select something that both transforms your photos into a work of art and captures your love story. Pick from a handful of beautiful wooden frames crafted from mango wood or reclaimed barn wood to complete your custom gift. 

4. Coasters

It might seem like a pretty simple idea but stick with us. Along with a set of wood coasters, add your favorite beverage pairings, such as craft beer or wine from that romantic couple’s getaway to the vineyards and you have an ideal anniversary gift set. Not to mention, personalized coasters can be made to fit in with your home décor and, as a bonus, protect furniture from those dreaded water stains.

5. Take a Trip

What better way to celebrate your fifth anniversary than by taking the wood gift exchange up a level? If you’re looking for an idea a little outside the wooden box, why not gift your loved one with the ultimate romantic getaway: an overnight stay in a log cabin. Indeed, a dreamy escape to the woods is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the memories you’ve already made and, of course, to make a few new ones.

Personalize Your Fifth Anniversary Gift

Of course, what’s special about each of these five gift ideas is that they can be customized for a truly unique fifth-anniversary gift. Let these options show you how to carry on with tradition, while also letting your creative spirit run loose to help find something that genuinely represents this relationship milestone.

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