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Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

We all need water to survive and stay healthy and strong, soyou would think we’re always hydrated, but we don’t. Oftentimes, we stay sobusy that we forget to drink enough water which can be very dangerous,especially in the summer when temperatures skyrocket. Just drinking a glass ofwater every few hours can help keep you hydrated, but that’s often easier saidthan done, so here are few tips that will keep your glass full throughout theday.

Do your research

Every single human is different and we all require differentamounts of water to get us through the day. For instance, athletes need morewater due to increased sweating while breastfeeding mothers also require betterhydration due to their loss of fluids in the form of milk. What we’re trying tosay is that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hydration, so makesure to study your needs and tailor your fluid intake. 

Set an alarm

If you don’t trust your thirst, make sure to set an alarmevery few hours in order to grab a glass, fill it with water and take a bigswig. This is also a perfect time to stand up, walk a little, stretch and havea tiny break from work, exercise or chores. There are also great apps that will remind you to meet yourdaily hydration goals.

Drink before a meal

If you can’t really take regular breaks to grab water, makesure to create a habit of drinking a glass before every meal. This has more thanone benefit: it will keep you hydrated, boost your metabolism and fill yourstomach so you feel less hungry and reduce your calorie intake.

Grab a big bottle

If you’re used to keeping a small 0.33l bottle of water atyour desk or in your bag, it’s not a bad habit, but how many times did youdrink it all and never got around to topping it off? Probably every day! So,make sure to check out some bigger drink bottles that can basically keepyou hydrated all through your workout, workday or leisure activities. Thinksomething in lines of 0.75L, 1.2L or even 1.9L—these are much more practicalthan your tiny water bottles!

Log your progress

This one is especially important if you’re trying to loseweight. Just like you tend to log your foods and workouts, you can startlogging your fluid intake as well. Apps like MyFitnessPal allow you to keeptrack of everything concerning fitness and health and they give you a goodoverview of your progress.

Don’t be a purist

Many people think that only water provides hydration, butthat’s not true. While water is indeed the best choice, all fluids can help youreplenish your fluid supplies, even coffee! So, if you’re not a huge fan ofplain flavors, you can choose vitamin waters, teas, fruit juice and otherfluids to stay hydrated. Smoothies are a great way to boost your fluidintake and get a healthy snack in the process. They are a mixture of differentliquids, veggies and fruits and they create a great drink loaded with water,hydrating components, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Eat fruit

You can also fill your fridge with all sorts of watery fruitand snack between meals. Fruits like strawberries and watermelons are more than90% water, so they can significantly contribute to your water intake per day.

Grab a salad

Similarly, many veggies are also high in water content, sothey can keep you well hydrated when eaten with your meals. Spinach, kale,cucumber and broccoli are very rich in water and they can be easily combinedinto different salads and meals.

Spark your thirst

If you’re almost never thirsty, consider giving your bodysomething that will spark your thirst. Every once in a while, add some chili toyour salad, meal or snack and you’ll be reaching for that glass of water in notime!

Don’t wait until you’re thirsty

When it comes to drinking, you need to be proactive. Whenyou feel thirsty, it means you’re already dehydrated and at risk of headaches,muscle pain and even heat strokes.

With all these tips, it’s really easyto stay hydrated, so take action today and you’ll feel strong and healthy andlook glowy and fresh. Always keep your water bottle near and you’ll have afaithful ally on your way to hydration.


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