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Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Healthy This Winter

Winter brings with it some wonderful things: Christmas time, all the lovely lights, gifts, food, school plays and shows. There’s also snuggly jumpers and hot chocolates in front of the fire, as well as gorgeous winter walks, and with any luck, snow. But winter also brings the flu, coughs and colds, vomiting bugs and many more unwelcome things. If you have young children, you’ll know how quickly they can pick things up, which they then kindly share with the rest of the family. There’s nothing worse than being ill when you are trying to look after your family, especially if you are also working, or studying a further education degree like the nurse practitioner doctorate. Follow these tips, and hopefully you’ll be able to stay relatively healthy all year around.


Making sure you get all the vitamins you need is critical to keeping fit. We all know that vitamin C is great for staying healthy, but you’ll want to make sure the others are topped up too if you want to fight off illness. You should be able to get everything you need form a balanced diet, so make sure you are eating meals full of vegetables and snacking on fresh fruit. If you work full time, or are studying an intense course like a BSN to DNP online, it can be hard to find time to cook. But it is worth making the effort to eat fresh, healthy foods. Cook in bulk and freeze batches to save time later. If you are worried you aren’t getting enough from your diet, consider taking a multi vitamin supplement to help.


Staying hydrated is also really important to staying fit. Your body is make up of huge amounts of water, so it needs more to repair and heal itself. Try to drink 8 glasses a day. Buy a bottle to carry around with you to help.


When its cold outside, it can be hard to motivate yourself to go out for exercise, so try some home workouts on YouTube. Exercise not only helps your body to keep healthy, it will also help increase your mood and fend off any winter depression and fatigue.


Like water, your body needs sleep to look after itself. We are much more likely to pick up illnesses if we are tired and run down. Aim for 8 hours a night where you can. But if you can’t, afternoon naps, or just getting more rest will help.

Listen to Your Body

If you do start to feel ill, get some rest straight away. Stay inside, wrap up warm and get plenty to drink. This way you might be able to fight it off before it becomes anything more serious.

Winter can be a truly magical time. Don’t let winter bugs ruin it for your family. Keep the kids of school if they have a fever or any vomiting, and let them rest until they are better. Always see a doctor if you are worried about any symptoms.


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