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Don’t Compromise the G5’s Design for Protection

Many brand new owners of the LG G5 are precisely that because of its innovative modular design. With the simple press of a button, you can release the bottom bezel to reveal a housing unit for swappable accessories. Though limited in scope, these modules (or ‘friends’ as LG likes to call them) include a removable battery, the LG Cam Plus, and the LG Hi-Fi Plus with B & O Play. It also helps that the phone is a pretty decent high-end smartphone that will get you through your day. But what makes this particular model so transformative makes it difficult to protect. Typical forms of protection, like hard plastic cases, actively work against its modular design, leaving users wondering how they can save their device from damage. Luckily, cases have never been the only option, and vinyl skins provide a superior defense without compromising pioneering design.


Why Cases Won’t Work
There’s nothing inherently wrong with cases. They do a good enough job protecting most phones. However, no matter where you buy these cases, they come with non-negotiable features that can negatively impact your mobile. The plastic used in these pieces are typical hard and thick, so they add on bulk to slim devices. Padding out any phone can lead to disaster, but when a case is added to a phablet (a phone large enough that it’s almost a tablet), it can make the cell near impossible to use.

These cases fit around the phone in one piece. For most cells this doesn’t matter, but for the G5, this interferes with the very design that makes it so distinctive. It’s impossible to swap out modules without removing the case entirely – which is unfortunate. At the time of swapping, your G5 is at its most vulnerable and needs protection the most.

Vinyl to the Rescue
Vinyl skins are everything that a case isn’t. Whereas a case is one piece, a skin comes in 4 distinct sections. When a case is rigid, a skin is flexible. While a case will add on the pounds, a skin is a slim as possible. Made out of 3M vinyl, it’s only 0.23 millimetres thick itself and its creation process has been so highly refined it can afford a fit within a micro-millimetre. This unit of measurement is difficult to measure on your own, but it’s an important feature when your cellphone relies on moving parts. It won’t add any unnecessary bulk, so it won’t interfere with the lock button or the removable bottom bezel – which means you can swap out to your heart’s delight without having to remove it.

It also means that you can swap between friends without the fear that you’ll accidentally scratch or scuff the mobile while doing so. Vinyl is impervious to sharp objects and rough handling, so it’ll keep cosmetic damages like scuffs, scratches, and gouges from ruining the ultra-cool design of the cell. LG is still working out the kinks in this innovative design, so the average swap is more than a bit clumsy. A G5 skin’s texture adds extra grip for your hand to hold onto to combat this inelegance, which means you don’t have to stress over dropping or throwing your mobile around while swapping.

There’s also an added bonus to choosing LG G5 skins over cases. Its vinyl material can take on a variety of colours and textures, and you get to choose their combination. Only the coolest patterns are available, and skin designers at companies like dbrand are constantly adding new designs to their catalogue to keep things fresh. Check out brand new LG G5 skin options from dbrand to see what’s available, and play around with your options. You can pick a distinct colour for each of the 4 pieces, opting for a discordant design or a complementary scheme.

When customizable style combines with superior fit and protection in the best skins LG G5 phones can adopt, cases can’t hold a candle to vinyl. Ditch factory-made protection that isn’t tailored for the G5. Get a skin and protect your phone without compromising on its transformative modular design.


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