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Dollar General’s new line of affordable diapers

Most of you know we cloth diaper, but on occasion we keep on hand disposable diapers. You jsut don’t know when you might need one. I was interested in checking out Dollar Generals new line of affordable diapers.

DG Baby Premium Diapers have been designed to give your baby the protection and softness that you expect at prices that you can afford.

I will admit I was shocked at how soft the diapers were. They are almost cloth like. I also liked how nice the fit around her bum which means less chance of a blowout or leaks.

We usually use our AIO Freetime diaper for over night so I thought we would try the DG Diaper. It worked pretty well, no leaks or blowouts.

For a 24 count of diapers it cost $4.50. That is really cheap and a great “just in case” disposable diaper to have around.


  • Ultra absorbent Core to lock away wetness, yet have a soft, thin flexible design for a less bulky fit
  • High Stretch side panels for a soft flexible fit that will move with your active baby
  • Cottony soft outer cover will wrap baby in comfort
  • Soft Hypoallergenic inner liner with vitamin E and Aloe to help protect baby’s skin
  • Size printed on every diaper
  • Made in the U.S.A.

*A product was provided.

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